A well-designed patio can improve your outdoor space and increase the time you spend outdoors. 

A covered patio is a major outdoor structure, so it’s best to work with an architect to ensure the structure complies with building codes.

Before embarking on your patio journey, ensure you have a budget in mind, along with the size and design on the patio. Designs can vary depending on which country you live in.

Take a look at our list below for inspiration from around the world.  

1. South-Africa

For a South-African feel to your patio cover, make the ceiling from IsoPine. Create the roof from sheeting that is attached with flashing and waterproofing. Ensure the timber rafters are hidden in the brickwork of the house for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

2. Morocco

Cover the patio with a UV resistant Perspex glass to make the most of the bright sunshine without being damaged by UV rays. This type of covered patio works well for hot and dry climates. 

3. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is full of beautiful farmhouses made from bricks and hardwood. Why not use bricks, natural stone, and hardwood as the basis for your covered patio area. 

4. Australia

Bring the beach to you with a modern, Australian inspired covered patio. Include a motorized awning on your patio so you can cover it when needed or choose to make the most of the sun.

5. Texas, USA 

Texas is hot, so stay cool by using natural stone flooring and a UV block-out roof. Ensure your patio area has good ventilation. You should consider installing ceiling fans to help with the ventilation.

6. Amsterdam

Embrace the modern European style with sleek black metal rafters and a glass roof. This will allow sunlight into the house, but also keep the area warm on cooler evenings.

7. Bali

Use natural woods and straw-based thatching for an Indonesian inspired covered patio.

8. Belgium 

Install a reconditioned fireplace and polished stone flooring for a luxurious European patio. Opt for a glass roof to allow maximum light while sheltering from the rain and bad weather.

9. California, USA 

Create your patio flooring by installing wooden decking to allow airflow underneath. Use soft cotton linen décor and cacti to bring the desert to your patio.

10. France 

Use wood furniture and greenery to give your patio a French twist. Use monochrome colors and install window grills too.

Always Consider the Environment

No matter what style of covered patio you choose, do your best to ensure that you are building an environmentally friendly patio

You can do this by sourcing local materials and using green materials like natural stone and wood. 

Design Your Covered Patio Today!

A covered patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors at all times of the year. If you live in a hot climate, use materials to keep your patio shaded and cool.

If you live in a cold climate, consider outdoor ovens or fireplaces to keep you warm when the temperature plummets. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when designing a patio. 

For more information on garden design, take a look at the other articles right here on our blog. 

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