Only 1.5% of students get enough scholarships to cover 100% of the cost of their attendance. Almost 20% get enough scholarships to cover 50% of their college tuition. 

If you aren’t using scholarship websites, then you aren’t setting yourself up for success. These websites gather all of the available scholarships out there in one place to make it easy for you to search, apply, and follow up on the scholarships that are most relevant to you. 

So let’s get to it! The top 10 scholarships websites to help you pay for college. 


Let’s start this list off with a bang with one of the largest and most robust free scholarship search sites out there. They claim to track $19 billion in scholarships. 

To get started, you need to create a profile. Then the site’s algorithm will match you with scholarships that may be a good fit for you. 

2. Your High School Website

One way to increase your chances of getting awarded a scholarship is to apply for the ones that have less competition. Sure those big national ones give lots of money, but they also have thousands of applicants. 

Instead, start with your local community. Your high school blog or website may have a lead on a local business that is awarding a scholarship. 

The scholarship could be a few hundred to a thousand dollars, but you are also competing with a lot fewer people. 


You can search both schools and scholarships on this site. You can use their proprietary calculator to gauge your chances of getting into your dream school. Unfortunately, you can’t use the calculator to gauge your chances of winning a scholarship. 

What the calculator will do is provide you with a “reality check” over the school you will likely get into. This can help you determine how much money you need in scholarships to attend. 

Before you know it, you’ll have your college funded, and you can focus on more academic achievements like joining an Honor Society. With hard work, your achievements could receive acknowledgment on this website from the Honor Society.


If you want a more tailored approach to your school and scholarship search, then this is the site for you. You can search through schools and get a sense of the school’s “personality”. This is wise as you want to make sure you fit in with the culture of the school you attend. 

You can also narrow down your search of scholarships by having them fit your qualifications. For instance, if you aren’t a strong writer, then you may want to focus on the no essay required scholarships. 


The job listing site owns this scholarship site, so you have a pretty strong backing when it comes to gathering potential opportunities. Like the job site, this scholarship site is also free to use. 

The site claims to have over 1.5 million available scholarships in their database. Like similar sites on this list, you need to create a profile for the system to go to work finding quality matches. 

It can also send you email notifications of approaching deadlines and new listings. Create an email just for your scholarship quest; sites like this one are going to flood your inbox when you first sign up. 

6. The College Board

If you need a more comprehensive approach to financing your college future, then this is the site for you. Not only do they have more than $6 billion in scholarships, but they also offer information on other funding options. 

This information will help you organize your financing options if you do not secure enough scholarships to fund your entire college bill. This would include things like internships, grants, and financial aid. 

7. Community Foundation Website

Just like your high school website, many local communities also manage a website for their organization. You should check them out for any possible scholarship opportunities. 

This could be through the organization or offered by a business associated with it. A good place to start is an Elk Lodge, American Legion, or veteran’s organization. 


This site is a textbook website with a scholarship search function. Don’t discount them, though; they have over 25,000 scholarships in their database. 

They also have online tutors to help you create the most effective application for your scholarships. This can help you take your scholarship essays from just ok to stand out quality. 

9. College Websites Where You’re Applying

Not all schools will offer merit-based scholarships, but if you find one, it’s valuable because it will renew all four years. This means you don’t have to find a source for that money year after year. 

All schools have their own process for how you apply for their scholarships. Plus there is the obvious fact that you must attend that school to be eligible for the scholarships. 

This means you may have to wait until you are accepted to a particular school before you can start applying for these types of scholarships. 

10. JLV College Counseling

Founded by a former admissions officer, this site provides insight into various scholarships. New scholarships are posted every Saturday on the accompanying Facebook page, which will take care of some of the search processes for you. 

While this blog doesn’t have as many scholarship opportunities as others on this list, it does provide a lot of information and insight. Use this resource to step up your submission and essay game by knowing exactly what admissions and scholarship reviewers are looking for. 

Start Using Scholarship Websites

Don’t try to start using all of these scholarship websites at one time. That will get overwhelming and confusing. Instead, create a plan and work your way through the list being thoroughly investigating each site before you move onto the next. 

Stay persistent, and we are sure your search for scholarships will be a successful one. 

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