For most actors and actresses making it big in Hollywood is the ultimate career goal. But what happens when you’re done with Hollywood and set your sights on something else? Well these 10 actors definitely found YouTube channel success far more appealing and rewarding than Hollywood.  You won’t believe who number nine is is among these popular YouTube celebs.

Now here are 10 celebs who left Hollywood to become YouTube stars and never looked back at their Hollywood roots.

Hayley Williams

Haley Williams Youtube channel
Haley Williams plays with different makeup looks and honestly we can’t get enough Hayley’s look on here Youtube Channel

Remember Paramore we used to be obsessed with them they’re punk rock edge with pop Flair was enough to make us instant fans we hoped that Paramore would be around forever but when some of the members expressed feelings of discontent a few years back we were unsure if the band could weather the storm.

Even though some of the members quit the band was able to keep trucking on and produce a new song now and then but the lead singer Hayley Williams never seemed quite comfortable around all the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

She was often showing up to award shows and something other than the conventional super expensive gown so when she stepped out of the limelight a bit and started her own YouTube series we were instantly hooked.

She currently hosts the well watched YouTube show kiss off for popular TV in the show Williams plays with different makeup looks and honestly we can’t get enough Hayley’s look was always something that intrigued us from her bright red hair to her interesting makeup style was kind of her thing so the fact that we now get to watch her play with style and try out new trends and tricks is amazing we love it.

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson's Youtube Channel
Rainn Wilson’s Youtube Channel has won numerous awards for it’s content

Of course we can’t wait to tune in for more Rainn Wilson who doesn’t love the office we can’t think of anyone the hilarious sitcom centered around an office that produced a paper. The Office was run by Michael Scott who is probably the least capable boss of all time.

The American version of the show started off as a remake of the popular UK series but quickly gained such notoriety that most people completely forgot about the UK version. One of the main characters White was the cause of many of the hilarious situations on the show.  He was Michael’s sidekick and always enforcing unnecessary rules on everyone; he was also extremely hungry for power which made things a little awkward around the office.

Sometimes Dwight was played by Rainn Wilson the role catapulted his fame to the next level his character was even known by some people who had never watched the show but once the show ended after several long seasons it was unclear where Rainn Wilson would go next we stick with comedy or would he try something more serious.

Well while Rainn Wilson does do more acting gigs here and there but we are really excited about is his YouTube channel. His channel SoulPancake has become so popular that it won a Webby Award he hosts celebrity interviews in his metaphysical milkshake series and more.

Lauren and Chyna McLane

Lauren and Chyna McLane the transition from child star to adult star is never easy what books most child actors their jobs is their cuteness if you’re in an adorable child you can book almost any job as you get older though cuteness alone won’t score you any work.

So a lot of children find the pressures of moving from child start a serious actor more than they can bear for lauren and china mclean fame seemed to be something that came naturally.

Lauren and Chyna McLane broke out onto the scene in 2007’s film Daddy’s Little Girls, the film did so well that it seemed like the two girls were destined for stardom. China had been in several movies since then including grownups and Antfarm but what really has solidified the pair is their YouTube channel.

If you haven’t discovered it make sure to check it out it’s called Lauren and Chyna and through it you really get a sense of who the girls are as people they show you their personalities and are really down to earth on screen on their channel they’re always playing jokes or completing challenges so if you ever wanted to get to know Lauren in China the best way to do it is through their channel on YouTube.

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