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10 Celebs Who LEFT Hollywood For YouTube

Jennette Mccurdy

Jennette Mccurdy Youtube channel

Jennette Mccurdy remember the hit show iCarly the show premiered on Nickelodeon in 2007 and ran until 2012 it centered around Carly played by Miranda Cosgrove as she hosted an online web series Jennette Mccurdy played Carly’s best friend Sam.

Her character was strong willed and hilarious viewers immediately gravitated to her so much so that she was even given a spinoff with the show Sam and cat the series followed two friends as they fell into crazy and odd situations when trying to make money.

Unfortunately the show only ran from 2013 to 2014 after it ended it was unclear what Mccurdy would do as far as her career was concerned since the show’s wrap and her apparent fallout with Nickelodeon.

She acted in a show called between and a few other smaller projects during this time it seemed that Mccurdy really wanted to show her fans who she really was she started creating vines and funny videos where she would just talk to her fans like they were her friends.

So recently she started her own YouTube channel to document her life and her journey the channel is pretty new as it was just published five months ago but there’s already lots of content she has been pretty good about uploading videos regularly

Russell Brand

Comedians often have an easy time breaking into the film industry their jokes and jovial attitudes make them easy fits into lots of roles.

Russell Brand is no exception to this rule a few years ago he was everywhere in movies hosting award shows anywhere you look you could turn on any television or radio show and you would probably have seen or heard the name brand he was in the hilarious movie get him to the Greek and also hosted the MTV Movie Awards which was no small feat after hitting what seemed to be the height of his career Brand took a serious turn after his divorce from pop star Katy Perry.

Soon his gigs seemed to dry up and it was like he all but disappeared from Hollywood but he didn’t actually disappear he just transferred his stardom to a whole new arena. His namesake YouTube channel is not what you would probably expect from brand whereas he been known for his comedy in Hollywood his YouTube channel is actually very political called it he isn’t afraid to call people out or say exactly what he is thinking he often does a series called true news where he hosts news segments and tackles tough issues.

Darren Criss

For Darren Criss singing is always an amazing talent to witness a lot of people can’t even carry a tune much less hit the notes that some famous singers reach on a daily basis so when the show Glee came out everyone was instantly drawn to it not only was there the normal drama of a teenage television show.

But there was also singing and not just any singing everyone on the show had an amazing voice it was great to tune in every week to watch and hear the angelic voices of the cast in the later seasons one of those voices belong to the very talented singer Darren Criss from his premiere on the show as the lead singer of Dalton Academy’s glee club the Dalton Academy Warblers.

It was clear before too long that he had real star power and Chriss won several awards for songs that he had done while on Glee. After Glee Chriss stepped out of the television limelight and focused on his singing he went back to working with Starkid productions a musical theatre team he created in 2009 his YouTube channel team.

Starkid has over 400,000 followers over 200 million viewers and is growing every day if you ever want your daily dose of musical theater be sure to head over to this channel for some top-quality singing.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale used to be a household name everyone knew who she was if you were a fan of the Disney Channel probably seen Tisdale on a show or two she was a main character in the hit Disney show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody from there she went on to have a lead role in the hit Disney Channel movie High School Musical the movie which became so popular that it was made into a franchise.

Every kid wanted to be a part of that school after her Disney days Tisdale continued working for a bit she began singing and released several songs she also played a lead role in scary movie 5 and was in the show clipped and young and hungry but once her acting gig started levelling out she focused on YouTube.

Initially Ashley Tisdale had started a channel on Youtube but became too busy to keep it up but in 2016 she told her fans that she plans to devote more time to her YouTube channel and relaunched it.

So if you tuned in you can catch shley Tisdale giving makeup and fashion tips she recently signed on with style haul and now the platform has over million subscribers across its channels each week you can law into Tisdale’s channel and find her sharing vlogs of her life travel content and even cooking videos.

She also answers questions from fans so if you have any questions for Tisdale you might want to check out her channel well that’s it for 10 celebs who left Hollywood for YouTube were you surprised by anyone on this list did we miss anyone that you were hoping to see let us know in the comments thanks for reading.

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