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Roll It Up: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Sushi

Japanese culture is ancient, and the Japanese have been eating sushi for as long as any living human being can remember. But you might be surprised to know that sushi, the edible invention, isn’t actually that old. Relatively, speaking anyway.

Sushi (specifically in nigiri form) first appeared on Japanese restaurant menus in the first quarter of the 19th century after being invented by a man named Yohei Hanaya.

Since then, sushi has taken the world by storm, for good reason. It’s delicious cuisine and it’s incredibly good for you. In this article, we’re going to discuss 10 of the health benefits that you get from eating sushi.

1. Weight Management

If you’re trying to shed some pounds, eating out with friends and family is always a challenge. Restaurants typically pack their foods with loads of butter and oil to make it taste better and to leave customers satisfied.

Of course, calorically-dense restaurants foods are no good for your weight loss. But that’s where sushi comes in! It’s a light meal packed with tons of proteins, vitamins, and healthy carbs. Because the Japanese are famously minimalist when it comes to sushi food prep, there aren’t a lot of extraneous ingredients either!

2. Keeps Your Hormones Balanced

Raw fish is absolutely packed with iodine, which helps regulate your thyroid hormones according to nutritional scientists. This fun factoid about sushi is particularly important to people who suffer from hypothyroidism – a disease that leads to heart problems and extreme obesity if left unchecked.

So if you’re feeling hormonal or are suffering from hypothyroidism, try popping a piece of sashimi into your mouth.

3. Helps You Put On Muscle

As we’ve mentioned, raw fish is packed to the gills with protein, the macronutrient that aids in muscle growth. So if you’ve been hitting the gym, you might want to stop by your local sushi bar after your workouts. Check your local listings for more information about where to find the best sushi in your area.

Tuna is especially high in protein, but salmon is high in healthy fats, so you might want to try a combo of the two for your next meal.

4. Great Source of Fatty Acids and Omega 3

Fish are marvelous creatures and their delectable meat saves the day once again by providing us with a brilliant source of Omega 3 and fatty acids. What do these nutrients do for you, you ask?

Well, they stimulate cell regeneration and help prevent autoimmune disease like Lupus. Of course, many autoimmune diseases seem to be hereditary, but munching on nigiri surely can’t hurt.

5. It Prevents Cancer

Of course, when you order a plate of sushi, you aren’t getting just sushi. Typically, you get a side of soy sauce, wasabi, and fermented ginger. All of these things are loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals that can do all sorts of wonders for your body.

Wasabi, in particular, contains antioxidants that are linked to staving off cancers like leukemia as well as treating a variety of stomach infections. If you can handle the spice, the health benefits of wasabi are definitely worth it.

6. Improves Your Circulation

In a typical sushi meal, soy sauce and fish work together to provide with you a rich source of iron. This mineral plays a key role in the regeneration of new red blood cells, which boosts blood circulation to every part of your body.

This means that your hair should grow faster, your skin should look more vibrant, and your body should feel more lithe overall.

7. Prevents Atherosclerosis

Fish is perhaps the healthiest meat there is. It’s extremely lean meat, high in vitamins, low in bad cholesterol and full of antioxidants. This is why adding some raw fish to your diet is fantastic for preventing atherosclerosis, a disease that leads to the deposition of plaque from cholesterol in your arteries.

This build-up of plaque can lead to disastrous health consequences like cardiovascular arrest or worse. By substituting sushi for what would be, let’s say, a burger, you limit the amount of bad cholesterol in your diet.

8. Improves Bone Health

Sorry to beat a dead fish, but sushi is also a great source of yet another vital vitamin: calcium. This vitamin is a crucial ingredient for solid, healthy bones. Most young people don’t have to worry about their bone health. But as we age, our bones become more brittle and fragile.

However, by adding sushi and other great sources of calcium to our diets, we can fight off the grim reaper by keeping our bones strong and pain-free. And hey, if you get osteoporosis after eating a ton of sushi anyway, at least you can say you had a few tasty meals.

9. Contains Anti-Aging Properties

As we’ve mentioned sushi and its accouterments are rich in antioxidants. And on top of boosting our internal health, these lovely vitamins and minerals also help us look better, too.

Famously, antioxidants help our bodies slow down cell damage, which then prevents permanent damage to our skin and makes us look much more youthful and jubilant. So don’t think of your next sushi dinner as just a meal. It’s also a trip to the spa!

10. Boosts Your Immunity

So far, we’ve discussed very specific health benefits of sushi, but there is also one sweeping benefit you can get from eating the famous raw fish dish. Rich in the vitamins Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Retinol, Phosphorous, Iron and so much more, eating sushi can drastically improve our immunity overall.

This means that avid sushi eaters will be more protected against diseases, infections, run-of-the-mill illnesses, and countless other maladies.

Ready to Start Eating Sushi?

We hope that this article has convinced you to consider adding sushi to your diet more frequently. We know it’s slightly more expensive than other foods, but eating sushi is so worth it. It’s not only healthy, but it tastes pretty dang good too.

If you’d like any more tips, tricks, or information about living a more healthy lifestyle, be sure to check out the Health section of our website.

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