Smartphones are solidly apart of modern life. With over 224 million users in the US alone, it is fast becoming the device that no one can live without. Consumers accompany each new release with the rush to get their hands on the newest and most exciting smartphone.

However, it boils down to that a new iPhone is only as good as the apps on it. Picking out the best apps for your phone can be the difference between an amazing experience and a mediocre one.

Use this list to sure you don’t miss any must-have iPhone apps when you’re setting yours up.

Must-Have iPhone Apps

Now that you’ve got your phone you need to get it set up to your liking. Here are some smart apps for iPhone we think you’ll love.

Don’t forget to protect your phone physically as well. Get yourself a solid phone case or create your own to have the perfect custom look.

1. Tab

Everyone loves eating out with friends but dreads splitting the bill at the end. Tab makes this easy.

Simply take a picture of your receipt and touch to select individual items. You can also simply ask it to divide the bill based on percentages.

2. MyFitnessPal Tracker

Exercise and eating right are essential for long-term health but staying on track can be tough. Use MyFitnessPal’s tracking app to easily log food and workouts.

You can break your day up into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and quickly search their existing library of foods. If your meal isn’t listed you can add calories in manually.

3. Quik

Modern phone cameras take better quality photos and videos than ever before. Take those diamonds in the rough and turn them into shining gems using Quik’s intuitive video editing.

You can easily select a video and make instantaneous edits where ever you are.

4. Bumble

If waiting for a cute guy to make the first move exhausts you, Bumble is the app for you. It takes the usual dating site script and reverses it.

On Bumble women have to be the ones to make the first move. Its algorithm matches you with someone then you have a day to respond before it removes the match.

5. Messenger

It seems like everyone’s on Facebook these days. Use the Messenger app to keep in touch with your friends and family without having to log in to your account.

6. Slack

Keep up to date on collaborative projects using the Slack app. It allows you to stay in touch with colleagues while on the go.

Slack lets you communicate, make changes to shared documents and update timelines all on the go.

7. Google Chrome

Apple does a lot of things right, but they definitely don’t have the best browser. Download chrome to get a seamless browsing experience.

8. Youtube

This one doesn’t really need an explanation. Everyone needs to have access to Youtube, all the time.

9. Daily Yoga

If you constantly find yourself carrying stress around, Daily Yoga is a great way to relax. It includes an ever-changing lineup of quick poses to try out each day.

If you find you love yoga, it also has more advanced routines available for purchase.

10. Spotify

If you listen to music, you should have Spotify. For a small monthly fee, you get unlimited access to over 20 million songs and podcasts.

With a premium account, you can download your favorite artists. Your monthly data cap will thank you.

Don’t Forget Other Accessories

Putting the must-have iPhone apps on your new XS really helps you use it to its fullest. Check around for more that work specifically for your needs.

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