New year, new you.

Do you hate everything in your closet? Don’t worry, that’s a normal thought that goes through every style-conscious man’s head.

Fashion trends change all the time. It’s hard to keep up if you’re always on the go. You tune in every once in a while and everyone looks different again.

We’re here to help. What follows is a list of men’s wardrobe essentials. If you have these, you’ll never be a victim of ever-changing trends.

Get your credit card out, it’s time to go shopping.

Penny Loafers

Advising you to get penny loafers is a pretty sweeping statement. These classic shoes come in all shapes and sizes. The same shoe can look amazing on one guy and look ridiculous on another guy. When buying penny loafers, you need to know yourself.

Casual and dressy at the same time, your penny loafers should be comfortable first and foremost. The Florsheim Jet Penny Slip-On Loafer is affordable and looks the part. You can wear them all year round with socks or no socks, jeans or slacks, a jacket or a turtle neck. Very versatile and very cool.

Slim-Fit Blazer

Every man’s closet should have a blazer or two in it. A blazer is perfect for almost any occasion, but different jackets have different functions.

Like the penny loafers, a nice blazer is caught in between formal and casual. In the summer, you can pop a couple buttons on your dress shirt, throw a blazer over top, and you’ll be ready for any rooftop cocktail party.

In the fall and winter, a wool blazer can keep you warm and can go with jeans and Blundstones, or matching chinos and runners. Check out the J.Crew Ludlow Slim Fit Suit Jacket for a versatile jacket that comes in several colors and is constructed from Italian worsted wool.

Wool Trousers

A nice pair of slim-fit wool trousers will suit any occasion. If you’re finding yourself in jeans too much of the time, try out this alternative and see how it changes your look.

Wear the Hugo Boss Genesis wool flannel trousers with a t-shirt or a white-button shirt and you’ll see that jeans aren’t always the most versatile of the pants.

White Button Shirt

A white button-down dress shirt will go with almost anything in your wardrobe. If you’re smart, you’ll keep a few of these in the closet, ready to go. Wear it with a suit without a tie for a well-dressed but laid back look.

Or wear it underneath a jumper with some jeans and Chucks, if you’re going for a preppy thing. Versatility is key with this selection. Try out the Mr. Porter button-down oxford shirt. It ain’t cheap, but you want to go with thick cotton over the cheap, flimsy stuff.

It may be just a white dress shirt, but you should still appreciate good quality.

A Suit or Three

If you don’t have a suit hanging in your closet, who are you? Even if you’ve managed to avoid weddings and formal job attire over the years, you should still get yourself a decent suit. Keep the pants and jacket slim and wear your penny loafers and white button-down. That’s the perfect outfit to hit the town in.

Indochino has been providing men with affordable suits for the last few years. They have amazing deals on all the time and they’re constantly updating their styles based on the season.

Denim Jacket

Remember the movie stars from the 50s and 60s? Yeah, we’re talking about Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, and Paul Newman. There’s something all those effortlessly cool dudes had in common when it came to their wardrobe. Yup, the denim jacket.

Popularized in the 50s by rebel movie stars, the jean jacket is an absolute must-have in any guy’s wardrobe. You can get a nice one for pretty cheap and they go with almost anything. Just throwing it on over a white t-shirt will have people looking in your direction.

Levi’s always has classic jean jackets. Brands are always trying to muck about with the fabric and look of a jean jacket, but we think it’s best to keep it simple and classic.

Slim Fit Jeans

Dad jeans are coming back with some ferocity. We think you should stay away from that trend and stick to the slim fit look that’s always been the way to go.

Have a few pairs of different styles and keep it slim but not too skinny. Leave something to the imagination. Black and dark wash denim will never go out of style, but that’s not to count out acid wash and lighter shades. The beauty of a nice pair of jeans is that there’s always something to pair with them.

Chelsea Boots

Footwear that distinguishes you from the crowd is never a bad thing to have. Not enough men take the care or time to think about what their shoes say about them.

Chelsea boots are essential. A nice pair of black leather Chelsea boots will go a long way with whatever else you’re wearing. They go with slim fit jeans and a tucked in t-shirt or corduroys and a turtleneck. You literally can’t go wrong.

You shouldn’t skimp out when buying Chelsea boots, but Nordstrom has a great selection of stylish boots for any price range.


It’s important to keep warm in the winter, but it’s also important that you’re not sacrificing any style while keeping warm. The mens grey gilet by the Darzi Clothing Company is a stylish solution for the cold weather.

A gilet is a great option to throw over a warm jumper in the fall and with a wide selection of styles and colors, you can get one that matches your vibe.

Trench Coat

Lastly, a trench coat should never be overlooked when considering your wardrobe. It’s more than a film-noir homage, it’s an extremely versatile piece of clothing that will match with whatever you’re wearing. You can put one on over your suit in case of windy weather, or you can wear it with jeans and loafers.

The Dunhill beige trench is a cotton-blend gabardine trench coat that will go with anything you’ve got.

Just a Few Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

There you have it. If you follow this guide, then your closet is set up with many of the basic men’s wardrobe essentials. Play around with different combinations and add new elements based on what you see in magazines and on the streets.

The fact that fashion is always changing is one of its best qualities. Let your creativity take hold and your personality shine through your clothes.

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