The cannabis plant is making headlines around the country as people finally start to realize its numerous gifts to humanity. Although the primary focus has been primarily been spun around its medicinal benefits through the use of cannabidiol (CBD), the CBD can actually counter affects the psychological bliss of the THC and other compounds.

In fact, it is shown that taking just the CBD can increase internal eye pressure. This makes CBD the wrong choice for people who are suffering from glaucoma. The THC that is found without high levels of the counterproductive CBD has a positive effect on lowering eye pressure levels. Therefore, these two compounds act in a ying-yang balance to create harmony in both strains of the plants.

Marijuana Strains

The various strains of marijuana are what make this plant so exciting. It seems like some new variety is always coming out as growers cross different potent plants with plants that may have desirable traits to bring out the best of both. This is like having your cake and eating it too.

In fact, there is a strain of marijuana called Girl Scout cookies that has such a sweet and rich flavor that it tastes like cookies. This has been crossed with numerous other strains. Strains like Blueberry, Diesel, Cinderella, Big Bud, Kali Mist, G13 Hash Plant, and Purple Thai are classic strains that have unique properties that make them interesting and desirable to grow and use.

And the wonderful news is that you can buy sativa online and partake of the best genes. Strains, such as Purple Haze, Thai Stick, Kali Mist, and others are predominantly sativa based. These strains can offer you that light, energetic high that makes things entertaining and interesting instead of just weird and stoney.

Cannabis Indica Versus Cannabis Sativa

These two core classes of marijuana have a yin-yang balance as well. The indica strains are known to treat pain, numb the body, and sedate users. They are great for eliminating anxiety and nervous disorders. The sativa strains can make people more energetic and happy.

These are the strains that are associated with good times and sexual prowess. The sativa is a wonderful libido-enhancing gift that can help to make the romance in your life fresh again. Although the sativa strains can induce latent psychosis and cause anxiety disorders, this can be counteracted, if it occurs, by taking more CBD or indica strains.

Benefits of Sativa Strains

The key benefit of sativa strains is that you can get more work done even if you use high doses of the bud. Although you do get burnt out faster with the THC in sativa strains, it is still a treat if you space out your usage. The CBD in the indica strains tends to build up and increase the more that you use it.

This is another example of the yin-yang balance of these two marijuana sub-types. Sativa strains are associated with creativity and can be a more psychedelic trip because they have more psychotropic acids and THC in them. It appears that the THC stimulation opens the door for the spirit of the weak acids in the plant to create a trippy effect.

There are numerous creative ways to use the sativa plant. You can cook it with edibles by heating it to just the right temperature. If you overcook it, it will destroy the fragile THC. If you don’t heat it, it won’t activate the THC. The same principle is involved with a type of vaporizing that gently toasts the ground sativa buds to release a lighter vapor that is just shy of burning it. Of course, people love to smoke sativa strains in joints because they are not as heavy as indica strains and can be passed around and shared in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Creative Methods to Consume Sativa Buds:

  • Cannabutter – you can make this at home or buy it from a dispensary
  • Brownies – make pot brownies from your cannabutter
  • Candy – dispensaries have all sorts of candies for you to choose from 
  • Chocolates – eating chocolate in your PJ’s is always fun, but weed chocolate? Yes please
  • Tea – you can DIY your tea or pick some up from your local dispensary
  • Cola – dispensaries have different types of sodas you can try out
  • Soup – make some at home 
  • Cookies – you can make these at home with your brownies!
  • Muffins – if you’re looking to wake and bake, grab a weed muffin from your local dispensary
  • Chewing gum – if you want a slow release 

Best Types of Sativa Strains

Although White Widow is not considered a true sativa, this 60 to 40 sativa and indica cross hits all the right notes. It gives you that wonderful cerebral buzz while not making you too crazy like a Haze plant. Thai stick is one of the best true sativa strains. Purple Thai, Kali Mist, Malawi, and Haze are other popular choices.


The wonderful part of it is that you can now buy sativa online legally in most parts of the world. The tide is slowly changing as people see that life is too short to neglect what nature has given to us.

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