Any organization must ensure they have high-quality, beautiful, and right-size photos for their social media and site. A useful application of images can drive more revenue and traffic and vice versa. 

Don’t fret if you’ve no graphic design experience. Using an online jpg to svg converter for web-friendly and non-pixelated images is a great tool to assist with resizing images. You can make use of the following 10 tools below.

1# BeFunky: Free Image Resizer

It’s an excellent resizer tool since it gives various options. The user can choose free editing and basic photo resizing option. You can upgrade to a monthly fee if you’re seeking for more alternatives!

2# B.I.R.M.E: Bulk Image Resizer

B.I.R.M.E in full means Batch Image Resizing Made Easy. The bulk image resizer has 1st and 2nd version. The latter is newer. You can choose any of the two versions to resize numerous images at a go.

The user can add a border around the photo and choose the number of pixels. 

3# Rszr: Resize Image Online

With this tool, you can crop a specific image part and even resize image. The tool is very helpful when there’s a lot of white space surrounding the item. Also, apply it if seeking to remove someone from the photo’s side. 

4# Online Image Resize: Resize Multiple Images

It’s an ideal tool when the image resizers you find are difficult to use or confusing. There’s one alternative: select one or more photos. You then select the width that applies for one or multiple images. Pixels range from 16 to 1024.

5# Social Image Resizer Tool: Resize Image Online

It’s an excellent tool for your entire image needs in social media. When you upload it, there’s a dropdown list to select what you want with the photo. 

6# Simple Image Resizer: Free Image Resizer

You choose the image you wish to resize depending on pixels or percentage. Then click resize. 

7# Photo Resizer: Resize Image Online

It’s equal to Social Image Resizer Tool in 5# above. That’s because it aids in resizing images for specific social media applications. But it has a few options.

8# I Love IMG: Resize Multiple Images

Use this tool to resize multiple images easily. Upload your images at a go, and choose if you want to resize by percentage or pixels. 

9# Resize Pic Online: Free Image Resizer

It’s another clear-cut tool that permits you to resize multiple images. Select the width in pixels then choose the final quality as best, high, medium, or low. You can change the files into PNG, JPG, or just let them remain the same. 

10# Bulk Resize Photos: Bulk Image Resizer

The tool is utilized easily. The menu on the screen left side and screen changes based on your selection. Alternatives incorporate scale by percentage, longest height, side, width, and exact size. 

End Shot

It’s easy to ignore but ensuring an image has the right size and quality is among the significant elements for an eCommerce store. Quality photos form a positive feeling of the firm. In some circumstances, photos make the difference between new customers and those who desert your site immediately.

There are dozens of free tools to resize your images even without experience. Start today to optimize your photos and making your website attractive and beautiful!

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