10 Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

Dramatic cats, these cats are full of drama and will do anything to attract your attention, here are 10 over dramatic cats to enjoy and appreciate. ( SEE )

No one could disagree that out of all the animals in this world, it is our dramatic cat that are considered more dramatic and cute. If you are a cat owner then we guarantee you will understand how dramatic and unpredictable cats are. These over dramatic cats will make you laugh hard because their reaction to things is too dramatic.

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Some Dramatic Cats Who Deserve Oscar

Check out this post and decide yourself which cat deserve an Oscar for their acting. These cats will bring a bright smile on your face and you will feel like adopting one right away.

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10. Lol! It seems this cat is angry on her owner or somebody else

Lol! Angry Cat

9. Rofl! Look at the expressions of this cat, Every expression is on point

Rofl! Look at the Expressions of this Cat

8. OMG! Is she really scared or trying to scare someone? whatever it is, she is really a drama queen

OMG! Drama Queen

7. Woah! This cat is happy and showing her happiness in a dramatic way

Woah! This cat is Happy

6. Lol! Just look at their expressions, Too cute and dramatic

Lol! Too cute and dramatic

5. It seems this cat does not wanna let the other cat go! we may call it ”Friendship Goals”

We may call it ”Friendship Goals”

4. Aww! This cat seems upset or hide from somebody, maybe from a Dog

Aww! This cat seems upset

3. Lol! This cat is thinking too hard about something

Lol! He is thinking too hard about something

2. Lol! This cat is trying too hard to get her owner’s attention

Lol! He is trying too hard to get her owner’s attention

1. This cat is trying to sing and trying her best to get noticed

Sing and trying her best to get noticed

So, have you decided which of these Dramatic Cats deserves an Oscar?

We hope, this post on expressive cats brings a genuine smile on your face and you liked all the drama queen cats. We think all these dramatic cats deserve an Oscar not only one. If you have a cat then be sure you capture all her dramatic moments in your camera because you will embrace these kitty moments forever.
Cats are one of the cutest and funniest Animals there are and every person in this world wants to adopt at least one cat in his or her life. The more cats the merrier!

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