Don’t Let It Eat Your Budget: 10 Simple Tips to Save Money on Groceries

Did you know the average American spends anywhere from $165 to $345 on groceries a month? If you’re buying for multiple people, you can see your grocery costs skyrocketing!

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between buying groceries and paying your other bills. You have many ways to cut your grocery budget and still get the foods you enjoy.

Read on for 10 tips for making groceries cheaper today.

1. Always Check the Sale Ads

Visit your grocery store’s website before shopping and browse the ads. Check if they’re having any special sales on certain days too. This will help you time your shopping for the best deals.

2. Use a Price Comparison App

Try installing an app like Price Cruncher or Basket to check food prices. You can add your grocery list to these apps, and they can show you which nearby stores offer you the cheapest prices.

3. Stick to Your List

It’s easy to get tempted by sweet treats and expensive foods at the supermarket. To have a quicker and cheaper shopping trip though, make a list of every item you need and avoid buying anything else.

4. Set a Strict Budget

If your grocery budget requires you to add credit card debt, you might need to turn to a service like Debthunch for help. But to prevent the problem from happening, know what you can afford and make a grocery list that sticks to that budget.

5. Buy Reduced Price Items

Of course, you want to buy fresh food. But did you know grocery stores often reduce the prices of food that just needs used within the next few days? Check for a reduced items section, and you can possibly save big on a few items.

6. Clip Those Coupons

You can find plenty of coupons in your Sunday paper, but now you have even more options through websites like Along with printing coupons from the web, check your store’s website for digital coupons that are connected to a card or number.

7. Use Store Savings Programs

Grocery stores often have savings programs that let you earn rewards and loyalty points and get discounts on everyday items. So, sign up today and begin saving money on groceries!

8. Consider the Store Brands

You might feel most comfortable with the name brands. But did you know some store brands taste just as good and cost a lot less? You can also buy the store brands for non-edible items like paper towels and laundry detergent and save.

9. Get Rain Checks

Does your store have a great sale on an item you need but they’re sold out? Ask the customer service desk for a raincheck for later.

10. Shop on a Full Stomach

You’re more likely to buy more than you need when you’re hungry. So, save money and shop when you’ve already eaten.

Making Groceries Cheaper Is Easy

As long as you’re willing to do some extra work, you can use a combination of these tricks for making groceries cheaper.

You can also follow some other helpful strategies like buying foods that stay fresh longer and cutting down on prepared foods. Also, think about whether specific food purchases are necessary or a luxury.

Be sure to explore our other posts to help you live a more frugal lifestyle.

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