Your home is probably the most expensive thing you own. It’s value to you goes beyond money – it’s where you make the memories you cherish. However, there always comes a time when it’s time to sell it and upgrade.

Yet, upgrading into a better home takes a lot of money. You need to get the best resale value out of your previous home to afford being able to move into another place. And getting the highest resale value takes work.

You need to invest in home improvements that will appeal to buyers and make them more likely to put money down. Even if you don’t want to purchase improvements, you still need to put in work. Decorations don’t put themselves out, and bedrooms aren’t miraculously organized out of sheer willpower.

But all the time spent adding improvements and organizing your home will pay off in the end, literally. Keep reading below to learn how you can increase your home’s resale value and make the most money possible!

1. Work The Landscape

Just because your lawn isn’t technically inside your home doesn’t mean it can’t influence buyer’s decisions. In fact, your lawn often makes the first impression a person has of your home. A bad lawn can preclude a potential buyer from ever giving your house a chance.

A simple mow usually won’t impress anyone, too. Invest in a few hedges and outdoor decorations. Even if you don’t plan on living in it for much longer, strive to be the idol of the neighborhood.

2. The Best Resale Value Comes From The Best Add-Ons

You need to spend money to make money, and that’s especially true when trying to sell your home. Investing in additions like gazebos, conservatories, or patios will push your home to the front of people’s minds. When it comes time for buyers to make a decision, your home will stand out as a luxurious and attractive option.

When you invest in additions to your home, you’re investing in the impression it makes. They transform your home from an average option that buyers may look over into one that screams luxury and comfort.

3. Bathroom Remodels Will Wash Away Concerns

The bathroom in a home is more important than most people realize. When buyers walk through your home, they will be looking for blemishes or potential issues. The most common place those can pop up in are the bathrooms.

Investing in a small remodel for your bathroom will make it look brand new. That way, when buyers peruse your home, they’ll be more convinced purchasing your home would be a safe bet.

4. Floor Buyers With Hardwood Floors

Carpet is comfortable, but it’s also difficult to maintain and out of style. Hardwood floors are easier to maintain and are infinitely more stylish. By investing in hardwood floors for your home, you’ll make it seem hip and modern.

Hardwood floors can make someone feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury. Just by laying wood in the living room, you can boost your resale value substantially.

5. Make Your Home A Hot Commodity

Not everyone spends a lot of time in their kitchen, yet it’s one of the most important rooms in the house. For families looking to move into your home, it’s where everyone can come together to talk over dinner. It’s where memories are made.

Make sure those buyers know those memories will stand out with a small kitchen remodel. By investing in modern appliances or new countertops, you can stand out and sell your home quicker, and for more money.

6. What’s On The Outside Counts

Your lawn leaves potential buyers with their first impressions, but your exterior tells people about what they may find inside. A home with cracking paint and worn exterior accessories will not likely be much better inside.

Yet, if you lay out a few plastic plants and invest in a new coat of pain, people will feel invited in. They’ll want to explore what’s on the inside, and you’ll be more likely to make a sale.

7. Turn Your Attic Into A Bedroom

One of the things people look for the most when purchasing a home is the number of bedrooms. There’s a simple trick to adding an available bedroom to your home’s listing, which won’t cost you much.

If you have an attic, you can turn it into a bedroom with some basic insulation and plaster. Then, you’ll be able to say you have a bonus room available with the home, which will dramatically boost the price you can sell it for.

8. Pitch A Porch

People enjoy spending time in the backyard, with the grill going and the kids playing. However, they also need a place to stand when they go outside. That’s why you should invest in a basic patio or a deck.

When you have one of those, people can envision how they may spend their summers in the backyard. That way, they’ll invest some hope in your home and will be more likely to buy it.

9. Get The Best Views, No Matter Where You Are

It doesn’t matter if your house overlooks a mountain line, the beach, or is in the middle of a city. You should invest in new windows too see all its sights with.

By telling potential buyers about your new windows, you can give the impression that the home is well maintained. New windows will also protect your home from weather-related issues, and help insulate it better. All of that will help convince people to buy it for a higher price.

10. Decorously Decorate

One of the simplest, and most effective, ways to get a higher resale value is to just decorate. Make your living room look good with just a few plants and blankers, and people will be more impressed with it. You don’t need to invest in additions to do it.

By decorating your home, you can also manage the way space is used and how much it feels like there is. With just the right lighting or the right kind of wallpaper, you can make a room feel open and ready to be filled by a potential buyer.

Selling Your Home Takes Salesmanship

There’s more work to be done when selling your home than investing in additions and decorating. To get the best resale value, you need to develop a sense of salesmanship. You need to work to convince people that your home is worth the purchase.

All the additions and decorating strategies are just steps to do exactly that. While they’re all effective, thinking as a salesperson helps too.

To do that, just keep reading here. Our website is updated with the latest tips to help you get the most out of your home and make your next sale!