The holidays are fast approaching, and this is the season where shopping is the most warranted and the least judged, but it won’t be as fun if you’re running low on dough. That is precisely why you need to prepare in advance. So bring out your piggy bank because we found 15 smart ways you can start saving for all the Christmas season shopping you’ll be doing soon. 

1. Prepare a Christmas list

It’s essential that you keep a list, but first, not of gifts, but of people who you want to gift. Do a bit of re-evaluation on what these people are like, what they might need, what makes them happy, and work with the knowledge you have of them. This will make the best out of the gift-giving experience because it’s always the thought that counts.

2. Make a gift-giving budget

When you’re done with the list of people, work your budget around what gift you’re planning to give them. If you’re giving gifts to a few, you can go all out. However, if you’re planning to spread the Christmas spirit a little wider, you have to allocate your funds well. You may check YNAB app for help in budgeting.

3. Track your spending

To have the budget and a bit of extra, you have to cut corners to make ends meet. This means you’ll have to keep track of how much money you spend on the daily and try to reduce it. You can do so by brewing your coffee instead of going to Starbucks every morning. Another option is packing your meals to work instead of eating takeout all the time. 

4. Shop strategically

Working with a plan can do wonders for you, and this can be as easy as picking the best time and the best places to buy your gifts. The mall may seem like the go-to for all the shopping, but if you know any local boutiques and online stores that give out coupons, go to those. Use deals websites such as Retailmenot,Honey and GoMontana. Also, you must avoid the Christmas rush and start your shopping early in small batches to be sure.

5. Go handmade

Instead of buying all those fancy ready-made gift packaging materials, make your own. Wrap your gifts with brown kraft paper, washi tapes and paper twines. Instead of buying printed gift cards, cut your own from the cardstock you have lying around. You don’t have to buy new stationery material to come up with nicely made gifts. Check the internet for handfuls for creative handmade gift wrapping ideas that can help you save up.

6. Use Shopping Assistants

Since shipping and deliveries can take a long time, you have to check all of these orders out as soon as possible. Another thing is that the Christmas rush leads to an influx of requests and this queuing system can move your order further down the line. The last thing you’d want is a Christmas gift given later in January. So,you need to use special shopping browsers plugins such as ThinkOver, Camelizer or HelloDiya.

7. Order in Bulk

When ordering multiples of one thing, you can kill two birds with one stone – you can both get them for a lower price, and you won’t have to think twice as hard on what to give. This goes well with online orders and with brick and mortar shopping.

8. Do Some Reselling

If you got a bit of decluttering to do, you could earn a bit on the side by selling things that can make excellent gift ideas for other people. This can also help other people save up by buying second hand instead of buying a new one. Pre-loved clothes that are still in good condition can also make for great gifts, or you can pack them up and send them to a charity.

9. Be Creative with Gifts

Material objects aren’t your only options when giving gifts. Christmas gifts can come in different shapes and sizes, and not everyone needs something new. Your gift can come in a trip to a new place for vacation, a gift check, so they have the freedom to choose what they want, a dinner date with friends, or a free massage session. 

10. Avoid Random Gift-exchanges

Since you’re on a budget, one thing that can push you off the rail is a bit of unwarranted spending on the Secret Santa at the office. Although this can be fun, not everyone is precisely fond of all their coworkers. So when you’re invited to something like this, you can politely decline and help them out by giving them gift ideas instead.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, there are many ways to save. However, always remember that what’s important is the reason behind the season. Share the love and remind other people what Christmas is all about, so you and all your loved ones end your year with hearts full of hope and positivity. Good luck!

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