In today’s marketing climate businesses are being steered towards local digital marketing strategies to get their product or service noticed. Traditional marketing is still useful if your business is targeting a certain geographical location. Still, you need to have a way to attract online users.

People spend a lot of time online. Today, at least 4.39 billion people globally have access to the internet. A vast majority use it to search for services, news, and other information. As a business owner, the days of phone books and the Yellow Pages, have become extinct.

The new way people get information is by utilizing search engines like Google and Explorer. Your digital marketing strategy will include tactics to get you to the top of their rankings.

If you are not already online, there is a great chance that your competitors are. Marketing may not be your strong suit or you may not have the time to figure it out. This is where a local marketing agency comes into play.

Keep reading for 11 reasons to hire a local digital marketing agency.

Local Digital Marketing vs. Streamlined Digital Marketing

The focus on local digital marketing is geared towards businesses that have a local attraction. Techniques and strategies are geared to attract a local audience. A local marketing agency can provide more hands-on experience.

When you have a local specialist on your team, they can help you in creating visual content for your website and social media platforms. This is useful because you’re addressing local people so you should have media that has local relevance.

A local business can go with a national agency and get quality content. However, you will miss the local feeling you’re going for. Keep in mind, national agencies may have a bigger clientele and your marketing may come across as sterile.

1. Brand Building

Building a brand is something we hear a lot about. Local businesses are at an advantage when it comes to brand building because you’re not competing with a lot of other brands.

Being recognized in your industry is one thing. Getting recognition in the place where you are actually operating has an added level of accomplishment. A local marketing agency can assist you in branding that is specific to your location.

This includes creating a dynamic logo, tagline, and packaging. Not only will people be able to identify your brand this way, but they will also be able to put a face to the company.

2. Create a Website

Every business, whether local, national, or online-only, needs a business website. The Yellow Pages are no more. After more than five decades, 2019 was the last year for the production of the book that contained contact information for local businesses.

Today, people go online and enter what they are looking for into search engines like Google, Explorer, and Bing. Based on the information provided, a list of likely results is returned.

To get your business in those top results you’ll need a website. The local marketing agency will show you how to get your website noticed. They can also help you create a mobile responsive version for people accessing the website on mobile devices.

3. Utilize Local SEO

The techniques used to get your website noticed in search results pages are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The average business owner will not fully understand what this is or what it requires to be effective. Local digital marketing services can help you get through the process.

In a nutshell, SEO is the tactic used across your digital footprint to make your presence known. There are several key elements you’ll need to implore. They include:

For example, ranking a keyword like “Atlanta truck accident lawyer” could help boost visibility of your legal services in that market, and would be a vital part of your local SEO strategy.

These are just the basics. A Local agency will get into the more technical aspects.

4. Create Quality Content

Content is key to your survival in the digital world. Not only does it need to be relevant and authoritative, but it also needs to be constant and consistent.

Local digital marketing will be driven by the local aspect of your business. The ultimate goal is to get people through your doors. This means your content has to attract people already in your areas or have the potential to come for a visit.

Content comes in the form of articles and blogs. These demonstrate your knowledge of the industry you represent. Images and video are ways to engage the audience by showing what they can expect when they come to your establishment.

5. Use Local Influencers

Influencer marketing is a term that is used in digital marketing. These are people whose opinion is respected, and they have the ability to influence people to buy or at least visit your website. 

Most influencers online are on sites like Instagram. They are also easily recognizable entertainment industry individuals. In fact, if you can also become an influencer or authority in your niche, you may be good enough to start digital marketing agencies on your own providing specific services.

The benefit of having a local agency in your corner is, they can find local influencers to get behind your brand and marketing campaigns. Think professional athletes, TV personalities, or someone from your area who has gone on to do great things.

6. Take Advantage of Story Advertising

Stories are a feature offered by Facebook and its platform Instagram. YouTube is also toying with the feature that allows users a prominent location on their social pages.

For 24-hours content is visible. You can add as many or as few images and video clips. Each will appear for a few seconds and then roll over to the next item. Stories also allow users to go live for longer videos. Users also have the opportunity to save content to their regular pages.

At least 4 million advertisers are now using Stories on Facebook and Instagram. Local advertising firms can provide meaningful tips on how to infuse your business content into the app.

7. Participate in Local Events

Advertising isn’t just about being online and searching for your target audience. Local businesses still need to have local strategies. This includes door-to-door direct mail, local radio advertising, and supporting local causes.

Signup to sponsor a local sports program, become a vendor at a nonprofit awareness event or ceremony. You can also put on your own local event to get people through your doors.

Although the event is local, there is local digital marketing you can use to let people know what is going on.

8. Register with Local Directories

Local directories are similar to the Yellow Pages of the past. Instead of a listing in a physical book, the listing is on a website. Many local Chamber of Commerce agencies host online directories or promote one already in existence.

These directories will allow businesses to list their basic contact information for free. They make their money by charging for website links and ad space.

Oftentimes people searching for businesses in a particular city or county will get a directory included in their search results.

9. Go Social

We’ve talked about some of the benefits of having your business on social media and how a local marketing company can help. There is more to being on social media than posting content. Your ultimate goal should be to build relationships that eventually lead to sales.

Even if you do not land a sale, at the very least create brand advocacy. This is when people who like your content are willing to share it with others. They will also speak highly about what you are doing in the community.

A business does not have to be on every social platform. In fact, you need to be very intentional about the platforms you do agree to use. Understanding your target audience will help you in this area.

10. Find Your Niche Social Platform

Niche social platforms are great for contractors and home services businesses. They provide an exclusive space for people seeking what you are offering.

Platforms like Home Advisor and Angie’s List provide social apps for people looking for contractors and service providers to connect with those companies. They come equipped with review and recommendation tools that allow users to share their experiences.

Many industries are coming up with platforms to match various businesses with buyers.

11. Focus on Geotargeting

As you can see, local digital marketing encompasses a lot of techniques. The last one we will cover is Geotargeting. Local marketing services may have it listed as local PPC. Simply put, geotargeting is used when you’re investing in online advertising space and you want your ads to target people in a specific location.

Geotargeting works to help advertisers cut down on ad revenue losses. Your ad won’t be presented to individuals outside your geographical location, which cuts down on the PPC costs.

Local Is Better

Going with a local digital marketing agency will give your business the local attention it needs. They will know the area and best practices to get you noticed. Digital marketing is here to stay, so why not use it to your advantage.

We hope this article gets you on the road to building an effective local marketing strategy. If you enjoyed it, check out our section on branding for tips on improving your brand visibility.

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