Cooking is a universal activity that binds the world together. Regardless of race, religion, or gender, everyone needs to cook at one point or another. Three billion people worldwide report cooking over an open fire.

Each person has a different motive for cooking. Some choose to cook so they can save money, while others are trying to eat healthier.

For others, cooking is relaxing and something they love to do. However, there is a segment of society that hates to cook.

Read on for 6 cooking tips for people who hate cooking. Explore ideas that will help you make simple and delicious meals, even if you despise cooking.

1. Invest in a Quality Knife Set

One reason that people hate cooking is that it can seem like work. Often, this is because they do not have the right tools to make cooking easy.

One of the most important tools to possess is a quality knife set. This way you can efficiently cut any food from vegetables to meats.

It is also wise to get your knives sharpened at least once per year. In addition, investing in the best kitchen gadgets makes cooking more enjoyable.

2. Use Fresh Spices

Another reason that people hate to cook is that their food just doesn’t taste great. Many reports that their meals are bland and lack flavor.

The solution is to have a wide selection of spices available. Ground spices need to be fresh and smell great.

If spices are unused for a long period of time, they lose their taste. Keep your spice rack fresh and use them frequently.

3. Salt is Your Friend

Cooking pros recommend using salt liberally. Adding salt is an effective supplement to balancing out the flavor.

Many people are afraid to overuse salt, and there certainly is an appropriate amount. However, the point here is to have salt on hand and ready to use. Salt is a great addition to salads, dressings, meats, and more.

4. Heat Up Your Pans

Have you ever cracked an egg over a pan and it runs into a puddle along the edges? It is not supposed to happen that way.

Restaurant pros have hotter burners than home kitchens. To catch up with the pros, try heating up your pans before cooking. This will also give you time to prepare ingredients.

5. Make and Save Extra

While you are expending the effort to cook, why not make a little extra for the next meal. Many foods last a long time in the refrigerator and can be reused. A great example of this is rice.

Also, scraps are useful for future recipes. Some of the best cooks save things like bacon fat or vegetable scraps.

6. Use Social Media and YouTube for Inspiration

People who hate to cook are not likely to read a cookbook and search for great recipes. However, social media and YouTube are great cooking resources.

There are thousands of easy recipes on social media. YouTube gives you a visual demonstration of how to cook something.

A Recap of Cooking Tips for People Who Hate to Cook

Cooking does not have to be a chore. You can make simple and delicious meals at home. There are so many benefits such as saving money and eating healthier.

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