Around the holidays, the average gift-giver spends close to $1,000 dollars on presents. But why spend money on boring gifts that no one wants? That’s a waste of your hard-earned money. 

And the holidays aren’t the only time you need gifts. Between birthdays, weddings, and graduations, you need great gift ideas year-round. 

It’s hard finding gifts for the people on your list who already have everything. 

Take a look at these 13 creative gifts for that hard-to-buy-for colleague or friend!

1. Military Coins

Here’s an interesting gift. Do you have a relative or friend who’s in the military or is former military? 

How about these types of coins as a gift? They’re military challenge coins. They represent everything from military branches to individual units. 

If you’re giving military coins, make sure you know the person’s branch or unit of service. 

The coins can also display corporate logos or brands, school teams, or law enforcement agencies. 

2. Brewing Kit for Kombucha

Looking for something for your favorite hipster friend who loves unusual drinks? 

Try the kombucha brewing kit! This is a great gift for your friends or colleagues who do all things organic. 

Kombucha is fermented sweet tea with a yeast and bacteria culture. It’s said to aid in growing healthy gut bacteria

This kit provides everything necessary for brewing your own kombucha.  

3. The Tai Chi Pattern Zen Garden

Here’s the perfect gift for that anxious co-worker of yours. Do you know someone who has a hard time sitting still? This little garden helps!

The garden comes with a Buddha statue, mini rake, and rocks, and a candle holder. 

The high-quality miniature garden keeps the hands and mind busy. Rake the sand while on a frustrating or annoying call. Take a few minutes to meditate with the Buddha statue. 

Your anxious friend will thank you!

4. For the Unicorn in Your Life

We all have a few unicorn people in our life, right?

Try this heat-sensitive unicorn mug. As you pour in hot coffee, tea, or chocolate, the rainbow comes alive with color. 

5. For the Art Fan in Your Life

Here’s a gift that’s both useful and fun: a Salvador Dali-inspired decorative clock. Based on his famous “Persistence of Memory” painting, your artsy friend will love this novelty gift. 

It’s a perfect conversation starter as it sits on the shelf “melting.” But it’s a practical gift since it also keeps the time. 

It’s a great gift for a graduate too!

6. The Perfect Gift for Book Lovers

Do you have a friend or relative who has bookshelves brimming with books? They’ll love these whimsical metal bookends.

The angle of the bookends gives the appearance that the books are falling down. As they fall, they’re falling on the silhouette of a running couple. 

The bookends keep your friend’s books in place on the shelf while entertaining them too!

7. For the Wine Lover 

Do you have a friend or colleague who loves wine? Try one of these fabulous etched skyline wine glasses. Get her a glass with the iconic cityscape of her choice. 

Is she a fan of the Big Apple? Get her a glass featuring the New York Skyline. There are many different skylines available. 

These glasses are fun and affordable. Pair it with a nice bottle of wine for a much-appreciated and useful gift. 

And if you’re feeling flush, add a beautiful birthstone wine stopper

8. Automatic Pan Stirrer

Do you have an aspiring chef friend who already has everything they need? Here’s an affordable and fun gift that’s clever and useful. It’s an automatic pan stirrer, and it has a timer. 

You place the stirrer in any simmering or low-heat liquid pan. Set the timer and let it go. This amazing little gadget stirs the sauce while the chef works on other things. 

Be sure and give your chef some batteries too since the gadget doesn’t come with them. 

9. Inspire an Aspiring Writer

This is a great gift for anyone who aspires to write. 

It’s a clothbound journal full of thought-provoking prompts. It captures stories and moments of a lifetime and becomes a treasured memoir. There are nine sections starting with the “Early Years.” 

The end has a section for listing things the writer wishes to accomplish next. 

10. The Perfect Gift for Relaxation

Your stressed colleague probably doesn’t own any orbits eye stones. The small stone disks revive tired eyes after a long day on the computer. 

Apply them on or under eyes after chilling them in the refrigerator. They help with eye fatigue and eye puffiness. They’re made in Finland from bedrock that’s over two billion years old. 

When it comes to creative gifts, this one’s a gem!

11. For the Little Taco Lover

Looking for something clever and fun for the taco lover in your life? How about a triceratops taco holder? It’s made for kids, but it’s perfect for the big-kid taco lover too. 

It’s made from food-safe ABS plastic that’s 100% FDA approved. It holds tacos, waffles, sandwiches and more. 

It’s great for providing mealtime entertainment. 

12. Thermal iPhone Case

Many of your friends and colleagues have iPhones. But how many have heat-sensitive iPhone cases? This anti-slip iPhone case changes color when your warm hand touches it. 

It’s interesting and creative. But it’s also a high-quality, shock-absorbing rubber case. It’ll protect an iPhone from scratches, bumps, drops, and falls. 

13. For Your Survivalist Friend

Most of us know at least one person who’s waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Give them the gift of a two-person survival tent. This little tent is made from NASA-designed mylar. It’s waterproof and compact for taking along on a hiking trip. 

14. Gift basket

Thinking of a lovely present that’s one of a kind and perfectly fit for expressing nice feelings?

How about giving a gift basket to your beloved guy? It’s time to show how thankful and happy your life is because of his presence.

A gift basket of delicious beef jerky is impressively right for him. It’s your loving gesture that shows your feelings and he will surely appreciate it.

Visit to see a wide range of options of gift baskets for men.

Creative Gifts for Easy Gift-Giving

It’s not always easy coming up with creative gifts for the friends and family who have it all. 

From military coins to orbit eye stones, there’s something for everyone on this creative gift list!

Think about what your friends and co-workers love and then pick a fun and affordable gift that matches their tastes. 

Keep perusing our blog for further fun and lifestyle tips and advice!