A lot of people really love Las Vegas – they love the thrilling activities, the free-flowing drinks and, of course, the gambling. But Vegas doesn’t come cheap. Whether you are spending your money on the flight there, the hotel room, the dinners, the drinks, the clubs or the card tables, the Sin City has a way of making your wallet feel awfully light. That’s what Las Vegas does, and that is what it has always done.

If you are planning a bachelor party, forget Vegas. The three things that Las Vegas excels at – booze, thrilling activities and gambling – can all be done for a fraction of the price, without anyone having to buy a flight out of town. How can it be done? Here are three bachelor party activities that bring Las Vegas to you, without the exorbitant price tag.

Brewery Tour

For “drinks” portion of the bachelor party, forget spending ten dollars on a highball at some dimly lit bar; why not tour one of your local breweries? Not only are brewery tours a good way to kick off an evening of drinking, but they are also fun and informative. You get to see how your favorite beverage is prepped, brewed and bottled, all while getting to try some fresh-as-can-be suds. If you are unsure which local brewery to choose, look around at Google reviews, or check out RateBeer for community-submitted brewery reviews.

Axe Throwing

Who needs to attend a Las Vegas show when you can put on a show of your own? If you are looking to match the sheer excitement and energy of a Vegas activity, but for a fraction of the cost, “throw” an axe throwing bachelor party instead – not only will it be an obscene amount of fun (you’re throwing weapons after all!) but everyone gets to flex their competitive side as well. Usually when you go to a BATL location (the Backyard Axe Throwing League, with locations all over North America), you start with lessons from a pro axe thrower, and then you and your buddies are left to compete in a round robin tournament. Especially if the groom-to-be has a competitive side, this is the bachelor party for you.

Poker Game

Why fly all the way to Las Vegas when you can throw a perfectly good poker bachelor party yourself? There is not a great deal that goes into planning a poker party, but there are a few musts: you must have chips; you must have at least a couple fresh decks of cards; you have to a put a little effort into decoration; and you’ve got to have food and refreshments. Of course, check your local gambling laws and plan accordingly.

For the perfect bachelor party that works for everyone’s budget, go with these three events, in order. Starting with the brewery tour gets everyone introduced to the party atmosphere in a slow, chill way. Axe throwing ramps up the excitement, all while everyone works up an appetite hurling axes at targets. And a poker game, complete with drinks and food, caps everything off in a more relaxed way. They say that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but that’s not totally accurate – what happens in Vegas can also happen in your hometown.

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