One of the most common reasons people take birth control pills is to prevent pregnancy, but did you know there are other benefits of being on the pill? According to WebMD, 14% of users take the pill for reasons unrelated to preventing pregnancy. When taken correctly, this simple and safe pill can help you care for your body, both externally and internally. Keep reading to learn more about three benefits of taking birth control pills.

1. Reducing Acne Outbreaks

3 Benefits of Being on the Birth Control Pill

Acne is typically caused by an increase in androgens, which are male sex hormones. These androgens are present in women and cause glands to produce more oil, resulting in acne. As a result, birth control pills can be used to combat acne via synthetic hormones to decrease the oil secretions from these glands. The pills can lessen breakouts.

Some girls and women with acne are prescribed birth control pills if other prescribed or over-the-counter medications do not work. In order for them to be effective against acne, the pills must have both estrogen and progestin. However, it may take several months to see a difference.

2. Preventing Cysts in Ovaries

Ovarian cysts are commonly found in premenopausal women, and most of these cysts are benign. Oftentimes these cysts will resolve on their own, so you might not even know if you have cysts. However, some ovarian cysts, particularly those that have ruptured, can cause serious issues.

To prevent cysts from forming, you can take birth control pills. The pills stop ovulation, which is the catalyst for cysts forming. When you ovulate, your ovaries release an egg, which is a fluid-filled sac or follicle. Keep in mind that these pills will not shrink existing cysts.

3. Making Periods Lighter and Predictable

Many women take the pill to help make their periods regular and easy to track. The hormones found in the pill can reduce menstrual cramps and make the period lighter. Traditional birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin, both of which your ovaries produce. With the pills, you take three weeks of active pills, which contain the hormones, and one week of inactive pills. You then get your period during the week of the inactive pills.

Newer pill options let you control your period so that it works best for your lifestyle. Some products contain 24 active pills and four inactive ones, so your cycle is shorter. You can also take three months of active pills before you take the inactive ones, so you only have your period four times a year. You can also plan your periods around busier times, such as final exams, sporting events, or social gatherings.With the advance of telemedicine — which lets healthcare professionals evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients online — you can obtain birth control prescriptions to treat these symptoms from the comfort of your home. Nurx offers such services. You log into the website, answer some questions about yourself, provide insurance information, and select which pill you’d like. The company’s medical providers evaluate your information and remotely write you a prescription, so your prescription arrives at your door for no extra cost.