A vehicle is the second largest investment most individuals will make during their life. Maintaining a vehicle is more than replacing tires and putting gas in the tank. There are many fluids in a vehicle that keeps it operating with minimal breakdowns. The fluid in a vehicle includes the oil, brake fluid, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and several others. These fluids need to be changed regularly. When the fluids aren’t changed, it causes parts to break. In some situations, the vehicle can be permanently broken or will cost thousands of dollars to repair.

An expensive repair can result from a transmission that hasn’t been properly maintained. The transmission makes the car move and shifts the gears of the car. The transmission is tricky to repair, and an owner should see more at Telle Tire about their transmission problems.

Failing To Move

There are signs a vehicle provides an owner that they shouldn’t overlook. When a vehicle hesitates when the gas pedal is pressed, this is a sign the transmission needs attention. A slipping transmission can leave a motorist stranded at any location they might be. Another problem that can happen is the car jerks when they hit the gas pedal. The vehicle will lunge forward unexpectedly. When a vehicle gets to this point, the motorist needs to visit a transmission shop for repairs. A vehicle that has a manual transmission can have transmission problems such as the clutch being soft and being unable to shift the car into gear.

Transmission Fluid Smells Burned

A motorist can check their transmission fluid by pulling the dipstick out. If the fluid is brown or smells burned, the transmission needs attention. A motorist can change the fluid by draining it from the drain plug or removing the pan and replacing it with new fluid. If the motorist uses the wrong fluid, it can cause the transmission to fail. Checking the driveway for stains from transmission leaks can reduce the chance of burning up the transmission and having problems. At the first signs of leaking fluid, the owner should take the car to be serviced.

Grinding Or Buzzing Noises

When the car is put in gear, an individual should never hear a buzzing or grinding noise coming from the engine. Damaged and worn bearings are a common cause of transmission failure. Although it might seem like a minor problem to the driver because the vehicle is still moving, it can cause a major problem if not addressed by a trained technician. Tearing a transmission apart requires a trained technician. If the transmission is not repaired properly, it can result in needing a replacement of the transmission that can cost thousands of dollars. Early intervention will eliminate this problem.

Low fluid levels in the transmission case could be the start of a problem. Regularly checking the fluid levels is an easy way to monitor it. Leaks and discoloured fluid should be addressed immediately. Regularly changing the fluid will keep the transmission running clean and reduce wear on the parts. The technology in today’s cars makes it difficult for a backyard mechanic to maintain a transmission properly. A vehicle owner should consider taking their car to a shop that performs transmission maintenance and repairs to extend the life of their vehicle.

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