Criminal defense success stories are out there to be found. You just have to look. Here are a few that can give you hope if you’re facing a criminal trial.

If you’re facing any kind of criminal charges, we know that all you can think about is how your life will change if you’re found guilty. 

It often feels like you’ve already been found guilty, and you’re especially concerned that no one will take what your criminal defense lawyer says about you seriously.

You feel like a fair trial is impossible, even with the right to an attorney, excellent witnesses, and a strong alibi. The good news is that there have been lots of surprising — and yes, even controversial — criminal defense success stories out there. 

Don’t give up hope yet. Read on to learn about successful criminal defense cases where the defendant beat the charges against them.

1. Casey Anthony

Many people followed the Casey Anthony trial with the same vigor of the O.J. Simpson trial. 

Anthony was charged with first-degree murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, child abuse, and four counts of giving false statements and information to the police. 

However, due to a lack of evidence, Anthony was found not guilty

2. Vincent Asaro

Though murder cases often top lists of shocking not guilty verdicts, they’re far from the only kinds of criminal charges people face. 

In 1978, the allegedly mafia-connected Vincent Asaro was accused of stealing roughly $6 million worth of jewelry, cash, and other valuables from a Lufthansa cargo facility at a New York airport. 

In fact, this incident was so infamous that it became a plot point in the famous mobster movie Goodfellas.  

Even though prosecutors presented the jury with evidence of Asaro speaking on tape about his share of the heist, he was still found not guilty. 

3. Ryan Harrison

One of the most serious criminal defense charges is that of child abuse, whether physical, sexual, or emotional. 

If you know you’re innocent but are facing these charges, it’s easy to feel sickened and helpless.

You’ve likely also already lost most if not all of the support from family members and friends, who all see to believe the charges against you before you even head to court.

The same thing happened to Ryan Harrison, who was falsely accused of sexually abusing his nephew. After years, countless court dates, and endless sleepless nights, Harrison was found not guilty. 

If you’re facing charges similar to Harrison’s, now is the time to find out how to connect with qualified, experienced legal representatives.

You Can Win Your Criminal Defense Case

We hope that the cases outlined in this post have given you hope regarding your own criminal defense case. 

Above all, remember that getting the best possible representation is the most effective way to beat the charges against you. While you wait for your case to go to trial, study up on the laws and possible sentences surrounding your case. 

Above all, have faith, remain calm, and follow any and all regulations from law enforcement and the judge. Keep checking back in with our blog to learn more about the latest not guilty verdicts, what to look for in a defense lawyer, and much more. 

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