A messy workspace can create distractions, slow you down, and hinder performance. It affects everyone around you whether you’re in the middle of a large open workspace or if it’s just your private office that’s unorganized.

Wherever you work, it’s time to get it together. The sooner you can turn your office around, the faster your focus, energy, and performance will improve.

Here are 3 simple, yet effective business office organization ideas to try.

1. Clear Your Desk

First things first, clear your desk. Go through all the paperwork you have laying around and immediately get rid of any trash that’s in your area.

If you’d like, you can also use this as a time to re-arrange your office or workspace. When you clear everything off, you have a clean slate to work with. This can become anything you want it to be – and a bit of a refresher may be just what your work environment is missing.

2. Establish a Place for Everything

Whether you completely re-arrange your space or you just want to tidy up your current set up, make sure you establish a place for everything. This includes something as small as a pen or push-pin to large piles of paperwork, books, and technical equipment.

Everything needs to have its place. This will prevent a mess from happening in the future and it will significantly cut down the amount of time you spend looking for things on/around your desk. If you do have a private office, consider getting an extra piece of storage like a bookshelf or a decorative trunk.

3. Set Up Your Space with Comfort in Mind

During every part of the organization process, make sure you’re cleaning with comfort in mind. As much as you want to be organized, you also want your workspace to feel personal and welcoming.

This means you need to add a few touches. Put a few picture frames on your desk or display some images on your workspace wall. Consider getting an indoor plant to put off to the side or some form of paper organizer if you know you’re prone to making another pile. Maybe invest in a nice chair for your desk or put a couch in your office, too.

It doesn’t really matter what you buy, so long as it’s contributing to the feel and function of your workspace. This way, whether you’re sitting in an interesting meeting or reading through strategies like the best CRM for small business or the best employee retention tips, you’ll be fully engaged either way.

Business Office Organization Ideas Your Whole Team Can Use

It’s one thing to apply business office organization ideas within a private office, and another to organize a desk space. These are two completely different work environments, and they need to be treated as such when trying to clean things up.

While there is a bit of overlap, don’t assume that what works best to organize your office will be the most effective tactic for your team. Talk to them first before you make any workspace decisions that affect them. This will make them much more comfortable with any changes you make, and it will encourage strong workplace culture.
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