One of the complexities about visiting a new country is the language barrier. You may be stressed out by the prospect of having to cope when you don’t understand the language spoken in your travel destination. Did you know there are over 6,800 languages spoken in the entire world?

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, you can learn a lot of languages fast and be fluent when exposed to the best tools to learn a language. So, what are the best language learning tools for efficient, fast learning? Here are three great examples to try!

Online Learning Tools

In this digital era, you can find almost everything you need online including resources to help you learn languages among many other forms of educational material. Online learning tools are great because you can access them at your convenience from anywhere and at any given time. There is a wide variety to suit your needs ranging from books, videos, and even games.

Everybody loves videos. FluentU uses authentic videos to assist you to learn a language. Captioned videos of news, movies, and songs make it a very interesting language learning method.

Internet Polyglot enables one to learn languages by playing games. Fun, right? It offers options for learning multiple languages in a simultaneous manner.

Word Brewery is an exciting platform to learn as it provides you with the frequently used words in different languages. It offers sentences relevant in news or day to day activities for the learner to contextualize and apply as they learn. It’s perfect for busy people as it offers short bursts of text with Pronunciations are available.

Translation is another efficient way to learn as you begin from the known to the unknown. This language translation company offers great language learning tools.

Using Mobile Apps

Grab your phone and download an app. So easy, right? Apps serve as a great language learning tool as they are very accessible and all you require is a smartphone.

Duolingo is a great language learning tool as it is free and offers bit sized lessons so you don’t have to get everything at first. You could also go back to a lesson for revision in case you feel like you missed something. With almost 30 languages to learn it’s perfect for beginners looking to learn a new language.

Rosetta Stone is another great tool to get you started on a new language. It offers accurate, reliable and detailed lessons which justify the fees you pay. Though the content is a bit repetitive to enhance memorability, the content is great.

Virtual Teacher

If you would like a more personalized language learning experience, getting a virtual teacher is one of the best language learning methods. They are experienced personnel who offer lessons customized to suit the learner’s needs. Virtual teachers are great since they allow direct interactions, therefore, you can ask questions and they can also help directly in pronunciations and spellings. 

Ensure to go through the virtual teachers profile or use referrals to avoid getting scammed. The charges differ according to language level one wishes to accomplish, language itself and the trainer’s skillset. This language learning method requires total commitment for maximum benefit.

Great Language Learning Tools

Even without the use of the internet, some people still strive to learn languages through the use of a variety of language learning tools such as language tapes that they play in their cars and they can go on one-to-one language classes. Ensure to consider the purpose, time at your disposal and skillset you wish to achieve in the selected language. Every tool has a different cost so consider your budget to get the best results from the language learning tool that you’ll choose.

Keep reading our blog for more information on the best language courses and tools you can use to expand your linguistic capabilities.

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