The legal marijuana industry is rapidly growing and changing in the USA and Europe. This means that keeping up with the modern cannabis industry trends is vital if you are to make sure you don’t miss out! But what are the latest marijuana trends that you should be watching for in 2020?

Bigger and Better!

As previously mentioned, the cannabis industry is going through a period of rapid growth right now. This is largely due to the decriminalization of cannabis use (and growth) in the majority of US states now, at least for medicinal purposes anyway. This legalization means that more people than ever before and taking the plunge and trying cannabis out for themselves, and it can be expected that this trend will only continue to increase in 2020.

Cannabis is now legalized in a large number of US states, in direct competition with standard US federal law (which says that the use or consumption of controlled substances is illegal—a category which cannabis, as a class A drug, falls into). US federal law does, however, allow certain byproducts of cannabis production to be used legally.As part of this, when a doctor’s recommendation is given for its use, it is now said that 33 states have approved cannabis for medicinal purposes.

There are three primary types of medical marijuana legalization; full legalization, legalization for medicinal use, and legalization for medicinal use provided that the marijuana and cannabis itself is low in THC (the psychedelic compound that is primarily responsible for people developing a “high”). The different specifics behind these new rules vary on a per state basis, however, it is generally the case that the states which have legalized the use of cannabis for  medicinal purposes will be relatively open to its usefulness as a medicinal product. “The use of medicinal cannabis is further approved in four out of five US territories, further going to show how attitudes toward cannabis and marijuana use for medicinal purposes is changing as time goes by. It is worth noting, though, that not all states have actually legalized cannabis usage; rather, some states have simply decriminalized it so as to lessen the severity of cannabis ownership crimes.”says Nathan Jackson,a legal cannabis growing enthusiast at Vela Community.

In a select number of states, the use of cannabis is also no longer prohibited for recreational purposes too. This new change is further going to help bolster the popularity of cannabis and it is for this reason that the growth in the size of the cannabis industry is one trend that can definitely be expected for 2020!

CBD To Go Through the Roof!

With the growth in recent years of medicinal cannabis use, the world has also seen a huge spike in the amount of CBD being purchased. This is one trend that we are sure that we will see continuing through into 2020.

CBD is a cannabidiol compound that is derived from cannabis and marijuana, and is highly popular as a medicinal supplement for a number of different reasons. As an extract, CBD and its related products are free from THC—the psychedelic compound in marijuana that is responsible for creating the intense high that many people associate with cannabis—and this makes it one of the best cannabis based products for people to supplement their diet for health reasons.

CBD is sold in a large variety of different forms nowadays, from simple CBD oils and vapes to other, somewhat more curious types of products; these can include CBD pills, gums, and chewies, just to name a few potential types of CBD products that can be purchased on the market. 

Arguably this particular trend can be said to be attributed to the newly passed 2018 farm bill that made it legal for hemp (a variety of cannabis) to be farmed on an international basis. Since hemp—and the CBD that is derived from hemp—are now legal, there are many more people around nowadays who are willing to try CBD supplements.

New Products!

As the cannabis industry grows, so does the demand for new and exciting products—and, in order to cater for this demand, companies are developing interesting and novel ways of marketing their products. This means that there are so many different ways to enjoy marijuana nowadays, aside from simple buds and flowers.

The most common alternatives include vapes and oils, but the possibilities are endless. Numerous different food products are now even made with cannabis, or cannabis derivatives such as CBD, and this means that there are more ways than ever to partake in cannabis consumption.
As we get closer to 2020, it seems likely this surging customer demand will result in more and more new types of cannabis products. After all, if you thought that the range was generous at the minute, just think of what a little imagination could do for the future of the cannabis industry!

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