As a business owner, do you know what your employees are doing while at work? Do you know that only 41% of employee misconduct gets reported? 

You can’t be everywhere at once, so you need to find another solution for investigating employee misconduct. Hiring a private investigator can do a lot of good things for you. 

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using a private investigator to address your employee misconduct. 

1. Credibility 

By having an outside third party investigate the misconduct, you’re showing your employees that you take these matters seriously. It also indicates that you have a vested interest in finding out what actually happened and are willing to live with the consequences. 

The outside investigator doesn’t have a role in the inner workings of the company. This means that they are totally focused on finding the facts. 

People that may not have spoken up before are more likely to be honest with this outside investigator about what they know. 

2. Privilege 

You need to think about the future consequences of employee misconduct. If there’s a chance of it leading to litigation, then it’s in your best interest to hire an outside investigator

If you perform an internal audit, there will be a question of a conflict of interest. To prove that you did the right thing, you may have to waive your attorney-client privilege. This will put you at a significant disadvantage during the litigation. 

An independent private investigator will put a barrier between your sensitive conversations and the investigation. This will protect your privilege. 

You can also call the investigator as a witness to your company responding appropriately to a complaint of misconduct. If you try to do the investigation internally, your HR or legal team will need to testify. 

Professional investigators are comfortable testifying and can provide testimony that won’t come into question. 

3. Retaliation

Most employees fear retaliation from filing a complaint or reporting misconduct. For the most part, this fear is unfounded. But it may not seem that way to the employee who gets passed over for a promotion or gets disciplined for their misbehavior. 

Having an internal investigator will cause your employees to fear retaliation. There’s also a fear that the investigator will view the employee as a complainer. By hiring an external investigator such as Surveillance Investigations, your employees don’t have to worry about the HR team, not unhearing things that were said during an investigation. 

By not using an internal investigation process, your office can continue to operate as normal. You’ll see minimal daily disruption and reduced negative consequences on the reporting employee from their coworkers. 

Investigate Employee Misconduct

If you suspect that there’s employee misconduct within your business, it’s time to consider hiring a private investigator. This outside third party can conduct a fair and thorough investigation while focusing on the facts. 

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