If you are reading this article, you are probably in one of these situations: a) you are about to start the digital marketing strategy of your business and you do not know if you can do it yourself or if you must hire third parties for it, or b) you already have a strategy in progress but you see that it does not work. In both cases, there are many reasons to hire a digital marketing agency.

Sure, there are different types of agencies. Each offers different services and may change over time. These include:

  •  Website design, development, maintenance.
  • Search engine optimization.
  •  Content marketing.
  • Marketing in social networks.
  •  Applications for mobile devices.
  • Advertising on search engines.
  • Assembly and management of e-commerce platforms.
  • Email marketing.

Each agency can offer more or fewer services, that is, be more generalized or more specific. Some agencies also niche themselves to service only one type of client, medical marketing services agency is one of those.

You can hire in-house or use contractors to save cost, but in reality most of the time you will be spending way more in terms of dollars and time because some of the people that you will possibly hire might not be a great fit for your goals. Even worse the realization might not kick in after a few months, hence robbing you of your time and money.

Some “cheaper” workers even go so far as to say: “I can do it alone, after all, it is very easy.”

As a rule of thumb and provided if you have the budget, hiring a professional marketing agency will be worth every penny.

That is why, below, you will find the 3 main benefits that hiring the professional services of a digital agency will bring to your company.

Expertise (Almost) Guaranteed

Agencies usually have enough experience in the area of ​​online marketing. This both individually for each member of the organization, and the company as a whole.

On the part of individuals, you find people of all kinds: content creators, art directors, designers, programmers, webmasters, administrators, account executives, social media managers, and community managers, among others.

All of these people have a vast history on their own, either as freelancers, within other organizations and, of course, as part of the agency itself.

In addition to this, people in advertising and marketing agencies are constantly studying and updating themselves on the subject. This includes reading ebooks and specialized blog articles, attending courses and webinars.

On top of that, we must add professional and postgraduate studies that many of them have into consideration.

It will be easy to judge an agency just by seeing who they hire and whether they have existing case studies, let this be your first tell before deciding to use any marketing agency.

Gives You More Time

Hiring a digital agency allows you, as the owner or administrator of your business, to dedicate yourself fully to it. In this way, even if you are aware of the work carried out by the marketing firm that you hire to carry out your online strategy, it will not be necessary to contact them all the time.

When you dedicate time to your online marketing, you end up neglecting the task of day-to-day running in your organization. This will also mean that the results of your strategy are not the best.

Instead, an agency will dedicate the time and effort necessary to promote your business on the web. While they do, you can manage your business in the way that you see fit.

You focus on what you know how to do well in your business, while the professionals of the agency are in charge of your digital strategy.

Specialized Talents

An agency is made up of a group of people. When you hire the services of an agency, you do not hire a single person, but a team

This does not necessarily mean that when you hire a company like this, you hire each one of its members – even if you use all the services they offer.

What happens is that an account executive is assigned to you. He/her will develop the strategy and will be in contact with you. You will also be in contact with a team of specialists in the services you hired, according to the signed contract and the service level agreement. Although of course, this varies between agencies, basically this is how it works.

It might not seem like you are saving money by going the agency route, but if you are in it for the long run then this is the way to go.


There are many reasons to hire a digital marketing agency. The main 5 are:

  1. The experience, knowledge and constant updating of those who make it up.
  2. They allow their clients to dedicate themselves fully to their business.
  3. The fact that all the work is done by a team, not a single person.
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