When my then-boyfriend proposed to me, I was over the moon with joy and excitement! I immediately started calling everyone – my parents, my friends, my cousins, and my grandparents. It was all I could think about for a couple of weeks! However, once the euphoria of the proposal wore off, it was time to get to planning the big day. We diligently checked off all the boxes – the date, the venue, the theme. Once we got those settled, we decided that what we truly cared about was creating a warm, memorable experience for our guests. We realized that it’s often not the biggest or most expensive thing that matters the most, but the ones that feel the most personal. Here’s what our guests enjoyed the most:

1. Photo wedding invitations

The wedding invitations are the first element of your wedding that your guests will see. It sets the tone for the rest of the wedding and, if done right, can leave a lasting impression. It’s natural to want to get your guests excited for your big day – but when we were choosing the design for our cards, most of them just didn’t feel personal enough. In the end, we were lucky to find some photo wedding invitations which featured a few quirky photos from a recent holiday. They were really easy to set up and the paper and the photo quality was fantastic. So many of our guests called to congratulate us and complimented our invitations – we were extremely pleased with our choice.

2. Unique Flower Bouquet

Here’s one that can divide opinions – but we completely fell in love with it. My husband and I actually met in a book club – and we also met many of our friends there. We wanted to find a special way to commemorate the place we met but struggled to find a way to do so. Then, during one of my nightly Pinterest sessions, I found something I had never even thought about – a paper bouquet! What? While admittedly it’s not for everyone, it was perfect for us – we got paper flowers made out of pages of the book we were reading before our first date. We absolutely loved it – and so did all of our book club friends.

3. Fridge magnets to give away

It was important for us to give our guests something – a little trinket or a small gift to keep from our big day. We didn’t have a huge budget for this, so we knew we would have to choose something sentimental rather than expensive. We had lots of ideas such as little figurines, custom-made coins, small flowers, but we were worried that they would, unfortunately, get lost quite quickly in some junk drawer. That’s when we thought of fridge magnets. So many people love them and collect them on their fridges – we would be able to add beautiful decoration to their home and our little presents would have a dedicated space. We decided on a romantic design that featured in our wedding decorations, and our guests loved it! Many of our friends still have them on their fridges – exactly what we wished for.

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