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3 Ways to Reduce Stress

Everyone’s been stressed at one time or another in their lives. In the US, over 40 percent of people have reported that their stress levels have increased in the past five years. Even children in the U.S. (nearly one-third of them to be exact) have experienced symptoms of stress on a regular basis. For many, balancing day-to-day stressors and large-scale dilemmas can lead to a decrease in physical health.

There are many simple ways that one can relieve stress, from self-care activities to natural supplements, even daily practices:


The self-care movement is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and various other parts of the world. Due to the current state of affairs, stress is at an all-time high, and many are petitioning those around them to take time to care for themselves. Self-care can range from simple tasks like pampering to large-scale efforts like weekly therapy.

These practices are unique to individuals based on their own personal needs. One of the most popular forms of self-care is spa treatments. Simply searching “facial spa near me” can provide a vast array of local spas with treatments to ease day-to-day anxieties. When a person experiences stress, it triggers a hormone in the body known as corticotropin-releasing hormone, or CRH.

CRH increases the skin’s oil production when it binds to the sebaceous glands of the skin. This increase in CRH and oil often results in acne breakouts. Booking an LED facial to calm this inflammation can be just the thing to release some tension and create a sense of both physical and mental calmness.


During a period of increased stress, it’s important to consult with a physician in regards to new symptoms. When the mind is uneasy, it can often result in a decrease in physical health and visa-versa. Consulting your physician to ensure that one’s physical health is in check can be the first step to reducing daily stress. For some, a round of blood-work can even reveal deficiencies in the body that can be fixed by a doctor with daily supplements.

Once proper health has been established, many patients also consider various forms of holistic healing to aid in easing their stress. Most popular in the realm of stress reduction is the intake of CBD oil. CBD oil works by supporting the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system regulates the body’s immune-system functioning, pain, and sleep patterns.

When CBD is taken on a regular basis, it can improve nightly sleep habits, boost immune functioning, and provide an overall sense of well-being. In order to choose the right product for individual needs, researching various product reviews and intake methods can greatly aid in selection. There are plenty of online resources that will review various brands and their products, such as Select CBD. Simply search “Select CBD review” to read reviews of what Select products have been proven effective for others.  

Daily Practices

Implementing daily relaxation techniques has been proven to not only reduce stress in adults, but aid in the prevention of stress moving forward. When equipped with the tools to stop stress at the start, it can reduce future incidents.

For many, this can come in the form of attending yoga classes a few times per week to learn various breathing techniques and holding positions. After a certain point of attending these classes, students are able to apply the practices they’ve learned in their daily lives, particularly in instances of high stress.Whether stress reduction comes in the form of pampering, supplementation, or relaxation techniques, though, finding something to ease triggers is imperative in order to reduce anxiety and stress over time. For many, doing one or a combination of these things is enough to cut stress, both short and long-term.

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