In the United States, almost two-third of the inmates that are released from the prison are rearrested within a perid of 3-4 years. Where these statistics are certainly sobering, it is not impossible to turn your life around after getting out of prison. Whether you are coming out of prison after serving a short stint or have spent years behind bars, being confined to a room with other inmates that have committed unimaginable crime takes its toll on a person. Most therapists advise on developing a habit such as reading, writing, and drawing to help you pass your time. But, spending life in prison changes a person. It is in your hands whether you allow it to change you for good or for the worse.

Here are 3 tips that will help you turn your life around after you get out of prison so that you can carry on doing normal things. 

Join a Support Group

Now I know most people don’t like going to these things, but trust me, they help. It is essential to surround yourself with a group of people who have gone through the same stuff as you and have flipped their lives over by getting on the right track. Hearing their stories and how they achieved what they did will motivate you to take positive steps. If you don’t like expressing your feelings to strangers, you can turn to a family member, a friend, or even members of your church. It will help you to take the right steps as you will get advice from people who care about your well-being.

Make a Fresh Start

It is in your best interest to cut-off all ties with people who got you into prison in the first place. Being around old friends will kick start the destructive habits that could be very difficult to prevent and might land you into trouble once again. If you think your criminal record is getting in the way of landing a job, look for information about getting a pardon from the National Pardon Centre and erase all criminal records from your profile. It will help you be reformed, and you won’t need to tell your employer that you are a convicted felon. 

Expect Some Changes

Always remember one thing; if you are strong enough to spend time in prison, you are also strong enough to ignore the negative comments people make about you. Don’t feel embarrassed as what you did is a thing of the past and you have paid your price. Depending on how long you have spent life behind bars, the world might feel a little changed when you re-enter it. Adjust yourself according to your surroundings and learn to use new technologies and adapt yourself. Knowing that there is a period of adjustment will make it easier for you to prepare for what’s coming. Meeting your relatives and old friends that truly care about you will be refreshing, and you will slowly realize how beautiful life is outside the prison.

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