Overwater Bungalows are very popular among people because they are an ideal place to spend holidays. Maldives was the very first country that became a tourist attraction due to overwater bungalows. 

However, overwater bungalows in the Philippines are even better. Philippines is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. 

It is well-known for its friendly people and beautiful scenery consisting of more than seven thousand islands, including the luxurious Boracay. Therefore, it is an ideal place for overwater bungalows. 

Top Overwater Bungalows in the Philippines 

The following are 4 locations in Philippines that are globally popular for overwater bungalows.

Huma Island Resort & Spa

It is a 5-star and medium sized resort with more than 60 overwater bungalows. The total number of rooms in the Huma Island Resort & Spa is 81. Tourists can enjoy many activities here especially snorkeling and scuba diving. 

There is a kid’s pool and a kid’s club where families can have a great time. Adults can enjoy various water and sporting activities. There is a beautiful spa where both men and women can enjoy massages and treatments.   

El Nido Lagen Island Resort

It is the most expensive and the most luxurious resort. El Nido Lagen Island Resort has 18 overwater bungalows and 50 rooms. It is located at a small island that you can access by a boat. The unique feature of overwater bungalows at the resort is their beautiful outlook. The bungalows are entirely decorated with the local materials, and they are ideal for honeymooners. 

Unlike other resorts, there are limited activities here. However, it is a great place if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax in a quiet atmosphere. 

El Nido Miniloc Island Resort

The resort is the most affordable place in Philippines for enjoying overwater bungalows. The number of bungalows is 5, and the total number of rooms is 50. The beautiful overwater bungalows are made of local materials. It is also an eco-resort where the bungalows are constructed over a scenic bay. 

A unique feature of the resort is the absence of entertainment systems. You will not even find a TV here. It is the best place if you want to escape from the modern world and enjoy silence. 

El Nido Miniloc Island Resort is located at an amazing location. From here, you can reach many other beautiful small islands. You can book a tour to see other cities and even explore on the water. Everything here is very affordable; therefore, it is a great place to enjoy overwater bungalows.  

El Nido Apulit Island Resort

It is the newest resort in Philippines that contains overwater bungalows. The number of overwater bungalows is 50, and the total number of rooms is also 50. It is located on a private island. The eco-resort was previously known as Club Noah. You can enjoy many activities and water sports here. It is an ideal place for honeymooners or people that love to be active. 

The three El Nido overwater bungalows resorts are located close to each other. You can easily visit all three El Nido resorts. Many tourists stay at all three resorts during their vacation. It is a great way to enjoy three different types of overwater bungalows in Philippines.