Whether you like weapons for sport or for collection, you can’t deny rifles are some of the best guns. They come in a variety of styles that fits anyone’s preferences. 

Firearms have a long, explosive past that spans all the way back into the 1300s. Throughout the history of guns, rifling techniques have been used in handguns to improve aim. That is until rifles finally made their debut. 

If you like rifles, keep reading a list of the best rifles in history. 

The Best Rifles in the History of Guns 

Rifles are synonymous with military history. If that’s your favorite part of firearms, look no further. Here is a great list of rifles that are famous for their military background. 

1. The AK-47 

One of the most well-known rifles is the AK-47. This type of gun is an assault rifle that first originated in Russia around the 1940s. It’s also a favorite among many military’s since it’s creation. 

What makes the AK-47 one of the best in history? The fact that it’s a reliable gun is the most popular reason for using it. It doesn’t break down easily, nor does it jam. 

While it isn’t known for its accuracy, hobbyists aren’t without options. Brands such as RS Regulate offer optic mounts for a variety of scopes. This ends up making the AK a force on the range. 

2. The M1 Garand 

World War II was a different time in combat history that called for a different sort of weapon. That’s when the M1 Garand came into the picture. 

It was the first standard-issue, semi-automatic rifle to come on the scene. And it bolstered American forces all the way through to the Korean War. To keep things simple, it uses the .30-06 Springfield cartridge for ammo. 

3. From the M14 to the M16

The M14 semi-automatic rifle took over from the M1 Garand in combat zones. It was mostly used in the Korean and Vietnam wars. After it’s days in combat, it became a training weapon for many of the U.S. branches. 

After the M14 was the M16. The M16 came from the designs for the AR-15, with the designs bought by Colt. 

This weapon was standard-issue for those in Vietnam and beyond. It was only recently replaced by a similar, yet smaller, version called the M4 carbine.

4. Remington Model 700

If you’re looking to steer away from semi-automatic, look no further. Bolt-action rifles are the way to go for sport and classic shooting. 

The Remington Model 700 rifle is a precision rifle that makes hunting easy. That’s why it was also made into a military version for snipers. It’s a beautiful and deadly weapon perfect for enthusiasts. 

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The truth is, history is full of guns that made a difference on the battlefield. This history of guns is small compared to the vast amounts of firearms created through time. 

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