4 Cannabis Vacations Every Hemp Lover Should Go On

Over half of all American adults have tried marijuana at some point in their lives. Although more and more states are legalizing pot, there are still many locations where it remains illegal.

If you want to enjoy a nice blunt while on vacation, you’ll have to pick your destination wisely. Luckily, there plenty of fun cannabis vacations you can take.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover the top 4 travel destinations where you’ll be free to get stoned.

1. Denver

As one of the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana, Colorado has long been a smoker’s paradise. Of course, there’s also plenty to do here.

Denver, in particular, is filled with amazing activities including a marijuana tour which will take you through dispensaries, a marijuana growing facility, and even a glass pipe blowing demo.

You can also visit the Air and Space Museum, walk through the Denver Botanic Gardens, take a hot air balloon ride, tour Hammond’s Candy Factory, and take a whiskey tour, just to name a few. Right outside the city, there are plenty of opportunities to hike and bike, even when the temperature starts to dip.

2. Amsterdam

Before the United States started legalizing marijuana, pot-enthusiasts were traveling to Amsterdam. Pot is sold in “coffee shops”, not to be confused with cafes which actually sell coffee.

Once you’ve stocked up on your pot, consider visiting the flower market, the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. There’s also plenty of X-rated things to do in Amsterdam, like walking around the Red Light district, seeing a sex show, and visiting the sex museum.

3. Las Vegas

Nevada legalized recreational marijuana use in its not-so-distant past. It’s not hard to find a dispensary right on the Las Vegas strip, and some dispensaries will even delivery marijuana straight to your hotel!

Las Vegas is also packed with things to do. You can spend your trip exploring the unique hotels, gambling, seeing world-famous shows, and indulging in some of the best food around.

This city can also be a bit hectic, though, so consider buying some CBD products through an online company to help you relax. After all, you don’t want to let one poor night of gambling ruin your entire trip.

4. Vancouver

In 2018, Canada took the plunge and made recreational marijuana use legal across the country. There are even a few pot-themed attractions, including a Herb Museum, the pot-friendly New Amsterdam Café, and Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters which is a headshop and hemp store.

While you’re in Vancouver, you can also visit the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, go kayaking in Deep Cove, explore Richmond Night Market, pick up some weed gummies, and catch a Vancouver Canucks game.

Best Cannabis Vacations

Don’t spend your annual vacation wishing you could get baked. Instead, choose one of these awesome cannabis vacations, so you can enjoy some amazing pot and have the opportunity to partake in some unforgettable activities.

Do you want to learn more about pot before your trip? Then check out these five common chemicals found in cannabis and how they can benefit you.

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