Not many believe this, but there’s more to writing than books and magazine. Good careers for writers really do exist. Gone are the days when writing was associated with writing book after book that doesn’t get published. Today, being a best-seller novelist is not the only thing writers look forward to

Many have parlayed their passion in writing and made a career out of it. You also can do it if you know the right strategy to work with. There are many businesses that depend on writers to get content that maintains their relevance in their respective industries. Advertising, public relations, marketing, and publishing are excellent examples of industries that are incomplete without professional writers. 

Not to forget writing services like that ensure college students have a smooth college experience. If you are passionate about writing, read on to find out suitable careers you can pursue. 

1. Social Media Manager 

This is an excellent career for a social media savvy writer. Social media management involves controlling the content of an individual’s social media page churns out. Many businesses today use their social media pages for marketing their products and services to their audience. As their social media manager, you’ll be required to create and update unique content on their pages.

This is a fun career path because you don’t need to report to an office. Thanks to technology, you can manage several social media pages in the comfort of your home. You get paid for helping businesses maintain a solid online presence on relevant social media platforms. 

Years ago, a career like this would have sounded funny. But today you’ll hardly come across an individual who’s not on social media. That is why social media marketing is the smartest way of getting to ideal customers. As a writer, your skills and techniques can be used to market products regardless of the industry the business owner is based in.

2. Blogging 

As you read this, someone somewhere is probably working on their new website. Blogging is a very lucrative career, and more people are choosing to try it out. The independent blogging world is becoming more and more saturated with each passing day. That means if you want to make it as an independent blogger, you have to start now. 

Another alternative is writing for third parties. Pitch to well-reputed blogs and negotiate for pay that corresponds with the time and effort you put in your articles. Being a ghostwriter might not make you popular, but it will definitely pay the bills.

3. News Reporter 

This is a traditional career path, but it’s still valid because people still read and watch the news. If your passion as a writer is digging for information and writing narratives, news reporting is the career for you. There’s no such thing as a dull day when it comes to news reporting because this career will lead you down adventurous paths. 

Apply with different outlets and go with the one with the best deal. Journalism is a dynamic and fast-paced environment that’ll keep your adrenaline levels high. Aside from interviewing prominent people, you’ll also get the opportunity to travel the world. 

4. Editor 

Many writers don’t enjoy editing their work, but there’s always an exception to the rule. If you are a perfectionist writer who dots their Is and crosses there Ts religiously, editing is the career path for you. The experience you have as a writer gives you an advantageous edge when you’re seeking employment.

Everybody knows that a good writer makes a good editor. Aside from ensuring readers consume clear, concise, and comprehensive copies, you also get to read something new each day. Refining projects allows you to bring great stories to life.  


Writers today no longer coin beautiful stories and go home hungry. Many have learned to use their passion to make money. You can make a career out of writing. Start today, and see yourself scale the heights of success.

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