Can we thank Mother Nature enough for all the natural gifts she has bestowed us with? It’s incredible how we all know the benefits of nature over something man-made in a laboratory, but still rely on the latter to assist us medicinally. We need to understand that what nature can offer our health, something fabricated in a lab, cannot.

Let’s take a look at some medicinal plants we can grow at home and their benefits

1. Marijuana

Marijuana is probably the most talked-about plant on the planet these days. Everyone is out to get it and now, even grow it at home. Marijuana actually has a lot of benefits and it isn’t such a bad idea to grow it at home if your living in a state that permits you to do so. For one marijuana, its east to learn how to grow this plant and many of its strains can easily be grown at home. Marijuana is used for medicinal purposes and it can help to reduce the risk of cancer, epilepsy, and even depression and stress. Don’t hesitate and buy today!

2. Chamomile

One benefit of the chamomile plant we want to mention straight away is that its great doe keeping pests away because of its strong scent. You can easily grow this plant at home, and the best time to do so is in the spring. This is a low-maintenance plant so you don’t need to tend to it very often. Moreover, it doesn’t need to be watered so regularly because it is drought tolerant, at least for a reasonable period of time. You can use your own chamomile plant at home to make chamomile tea which good for reducing menstrual pain, lowers blood sugar levels, helps to relax the nerves and muscles, thereby inducing sleep.

3. Thyme

Thyme is a herb and a cousin of the renowned oregano. Similar to the chamomile, this plant doesn’t require much care, so it won’t be much of a responsibility to grow them at home. Moreover, growing thyme in the presence of other vegetation in your garden will help to keep the pests away because of the strong smell it gives off. Thyme is excellent for reducing cough, sore throat and bronchial infections. It even helps with indigestion. Thyme is great to use in the kitchen as well, so instead of having to buy it from the market, you can use your own to add flavor to home-cooked meals. 

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is perfect for growing at home. Not only does this plant have a fantastic fragrance, but it also attracts bees and repels mosquitos simultaneously. The herb has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help treat inflammation. Lemon balm is great too great for improving your mood and alertness, and it also helps to ease anxiety. Moreover, it protects brain cells from free radical damage. Another organ that lemon balm is known to support is the liver; it helps the liver in the functioning and against damage. Lemon balm even helps to reduce blood pressure.

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