Each year there are more than 6 million vehicle wrecks. 

This is a sobering thought since many of us get in a car and drive each and every day. However, you can’t live in fear, so it’s important that you learn some safe driving tips that will protect you to the best of your ability. 

Below we’ll look into some tips that will help you become a safe, defensive driver. 

1. Always Wear Your Seatbelt, No Matter What, No Matter Where

Never get behind the wheel of your vehicle without wearing your seatbelt. 

Simply put, a lot of the injuries, fatal and non-fatal, that people suffer in car accidents can be avoided by simply wearing a safety belt. Health and safety aside, you open yourself up to a legal can of works in personal injury cases if you weren’t wearing your seatbelt. 

It’s difficult to find the other party negligent if you contributed to your own injuries by failing to wear your seatbelt. This is why you should wear it everywhere — even if you’re just taking a quick ride around the block. 

A law firm like NealeFhima.com specializes in car accidents and personal injury claims. They can give you further advice on why wearing a seatbelt is of the utmost importance from a legal standpoint as well. 

2. Cut out Distractions and Only Focus on Having Your Eyes on the Road

While new vehicles today come with all sorts of technology and stellar sound systems, a lot of these bells and whistles can become a distraction. 

Give yourself the chance to actually focus on the road by cutting out music or other forms of audio. You’ll sharpen your reflexes, and will be less likely to cause an accident by driving distracted. 

3. Watch What Other Drivers Are Doing and Maintain a Few Seconds of Cushion

It’s best to be defensive in the way that you drive. This doesn’t mean aggressive, it simply means keeping an eye on what other automobiles are doing. 

In addition to monitoring and predicting their movements, make sure that you keep a few seconds of stopping space between you and the other vehicle. This is particularly important if they happen to slam on brakes. 

Set your mirrors up in a way that exposes your blind spots. When you can see your blind spots, you are less likely to swerve into someone else’s lane. 

4. Take a Driving Class

You can always brush up on your skills by taking a driving course. People usually only take them when they get a speeding ticket, but doing it just to improve your driving can be valuable. 

These lessons might cost you between $50 per hour and $80 per hour or so, depending on where you live and the type of class. 

Follow These Safe Driving Tips

Let these safe driving tips help you when you’d like to get better as a driver. This will help you protect your life, while also looking after your legal needs. Consider these tips and check out more of our posts about all things lifestyle, law and so much more.

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