Strategic issues, the changing makeup of a community and cost considerations are among the top reasons why companies undertake the arduous process of relocating.

No matter what your business’s reasons are for packing up and moving, you’ve got a lot to manage. One of the top things that need to be on your radar is safely moving office equipment that’s valuable.

To best ensure the safety of the items that matter most to you, consider these 4 tips prior to getting your move in motion.

1. Index All Property Before You Start Moving

When you’re relocating, valuable property runs a serious risk of disappearing. These disappearances can be caused by anything from transit errors to theft.

To make sure that you have a handle on which valuable business assets will be transferred, get an office manager to index every piece of equipment that’s going to be moved before it’s packed. This list should include everything from computer monitors to HDMI cables.

Let your team know that equipment is being indexed so they’re aware that if things disappear, it will be noticed.

2. Put Notes on Items That Require Special Care

Moving office equipment isn’t always as easy and just picking things up and throwing them into a box. Some items require special care.

For example, if a team member tries to move an industrial copier by themselves, they may end up throwing out their back and you’re going to have to tap into your worker’s compensation to give your employee time to recover.

Heavy items should always have notes on them that say “Team Lift”. Other items that require special handling should also be labeled as such.

3. Take Extra Care When It Comes to IT Equipment

Depending on the size of your company, you might have thousands of feet of Ethernet cables linking up hundreds of office computers. The last thing that you want to do is to start unplugging everything without consultation.

Let one of your IT leaders manage the moving of their equipment or if they need help, allow them to advise on how your broader team can assist with transporting specialty items.

4. Get Your Hands on Tons of Packing Materials

No matter how close your move is, throwing objects into trucks unprotected is a recipe for disaster. To ensure your valuables’ integrity when moving office equipment, take the time to pick up quality packing products like Gaylord Boxes, packing foam, sturdy tape and anything else that might facilitate a safer move.

With the Proper Care, Moving Office Equipment Can Be a Breeze

Moving office equipment can represent a serious risk to your company’s non-liquid assets. By following our tips, we’re confident that you’ll be able to get your valuables from point A to point B in one piece and speed up the time that it takes to get your equipment running in its new home!

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