If you’re looking to increase your employability and gain new skills that you can add to your resume, an online certification is a good investment. These certifications are perfect for anyone dipping their toe into a new industry, or looking to broaden their knowledge as a seasoned professional.

Everyone’s striving for career success, so maximize your hiring potential with one of these online certifications:

Contracting License

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart and want to build a contracting business, a contracting license is a must-have. Obtaining this license will make you more credible and ensure a higher salary than someone who operates without a license.

Before you can take the exam and be awarded a certification, the first step is to prepare. The Contractor Training Center offers comprehensive prep seminars that will help you ace your contractor’s exam.

A contractor’s license allows you to earn more money and take on bigger projects that extend past simple handyman duties. To receive such a license, you must know the ins and outs of being a contractor so you can put those principles into practice.

4 Types of Online Certifications to Advance Your Career

Human Resources

Human Resources is the department that oversees recruiting new employees. They also manage relationships with these employees so everyone happily contributes to a company’s work outputs. To become an HR professional, you should obtain a certification so you portray yourself as a qualified professional.

A certification will equip you with important knowledge about tactful HR practices and prepare you for a career in the industry by showing you how to implement those practices in real-world situations.

Lots of employers want people with these types of credentials. An HR certification will make you stand out as a professional and position you in a stable career with room for promotion.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning doesn’t offer one specific type of certification, but it offers expansive knowledge that applies to many different industries. LinkedIn Learning is a large database of courses taught by experts of different fields. You can tailor your search to align with your unique needs and professional goals.

When you complete a course, you can instantly list these newly acquired skills on your LinkedIn profile so employers can easily see what your talents are. This makes resume-building super simple.

Unlike traditional courses which are lengthy and focused on one thing, these courses are condensed into bite-sized nuggets of knowledge that are digestible in short periods of time. This way, you can do more learning in a shorter time-frame while still remaining confident in the quality of your attained knowledge.

LinkedIn Learning offers on-demand instruction that you can access whenever and complete at your own pace. It’s a good option both for beginners and people looking to refine an existing skillset. You won’t be expected to follow a strict curriculum either. You choose how and when you learn.

Google AdWords

There’s no denying that Google is an advertising powerhouse. Getting a Google AdWords certification is a valuable way to expand your knowledge about online advertising and land a good job in the industry.

If you decide to pursue this certification, you’ll learn many things like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, how to wield analytics, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Society relies on these technologies for just about everything, so understanding how to apply knowledge like this is vital to career success.Aside from the useful knowledge you’ll be receiving, you’ll also appear more credible because you learned from such a large and reputable company. Having Google’s backing on your resume will undoubtedly increase your employability.

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