The Hemp industry has grown into an $820 million market in 2017 that casts across several products like food, supplements, and textiles.

It is no wonder that it is known as the miracle plant as it seems to be useful for just about anything. But, why is it so versatile?

The benefits of the plant from its medicinal compounds to its durability translate into its many benefits.

Let’s take a look at these 5 amazing ways that our world takes advantage of using hemp flower. 

1. Many Applications

Because the hemp flower grows fast and is naturally resistant to most pests, it can be industrially and responsibly produced. 

This massive production leads to its application in many commonly used products like paper and clothing. Plus, its nutritional value makes hemp seeds a delicious supplement.

Cannabinoids like CBD  extracted from the resin make CBD oil or by pressing the seeds, hemp oil is released. CBD oil works for medicinal purposes while hemp oil can be used for cosmetics or consumed for its omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

2. Almost No Side Effects

What is hemp flower? Unlike other strains of the cannabis sativa plant, the hemp plant contains little to no THC. THC is the cannabinoid that causes side effects like anxiety and physical impairment as it is psychoactive and produces a high.

Smoking CBD flower has very mild and seldom side effects. It can cause drowsiness, cotton mouth depending on the method of consumption, and slight light headiness.

One of the great benefits of using hemp flower over THC cannabis is that hemp and CBD became legal across the entire USA after the Farm Bill was passed in 2018.

While the plant is legal, the agricultural use of hemp is still regulated. However, selling CBD products like oil and edibles is much easier once you find a reliable legal distributor. 

Hemp flower in CBD form can be bought online, but beware of your state regulations on the product as some local governments are still strict to any type of cannabis-derived product.

4. Highly Therapeutic

CBD flower is mainly used for medicinal purposes to treat ailments like anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, acute pain, and inflammation. Dosages of CBD can also vary depending on your need and tolerance of the plant. 

Even if there are traces of THC in CBD products, the complex genetics of the CBD counteracts the negative effects of the THC. It is even so powerful that it has been used to treat addiction and withdraw from opioids. 

5. All Natural

The best reason for choosing hemp is that it is all natural and sustainable. Synthetics used for clothes or chemicals often used in prescriptions drugs cause environmental and health problems as well as long-term dependency. 

Hemp is biodegradable and contains natural remedies and vitamins that are a great alternative to unnatural or environmentally unfriendly products. 

Using Hemp Flower is the Future

As state after state continues to legalize cannabis, and the federal government allows the production and sale of smoking hemp flower, it is clear that it is the plant of the future. 

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