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5 Automatic Pool Cleaner Myths That Impact Your Buying Decision

A swimming pool can be a great asset. It provides a perfect venue for friends and family to have quality time together. There are many ways a homeowner can maintain and clean their pools – automatic pool cleaners being one of them.

It is not very difficult to imagine the perks of having a robotic pool cleaner – easy installation, quick and effective results, and convenience factor are just to name a few, yet many pool owners have not made the move or are reluctant to investing in robotic pool cleaners.

In this post, we’ll review some of the most common automatic pool cleaner myths that can impact your buying decision.

Myth 1 – They Are Not Eco-Friendly

The general misconception about robotic pool cleaners is that they are not environmental friendly. But, the fact is, not only they are eco-friendly but are also safe to use. Pool cleaners operate under the water which do not emit harmful chemicals that combine with water and harm the swimmer. In addition to that, unlike other automated devices, it doesn’t produce hazardous gases, and even the heat it generates is also being regulated.

Myth 2 – They Consume a Lot of Energy

This is another myth that restricts many potential buyers to invest in a robotic pool cleaner. As automatic cleaners make use of electricity, the general belief is that they consume lots of voltage to work perfectly. This is just another misconception as automatic pool cleaners don’t require high amount of voltage to function properly. In fact, it curtails the energy consumption by using low voltage. Did you know such cleaners consume energy as much as a normal light bulb if run at the range of 60/70 watts/hour? Great, isn’t it?

Thus, it is safe to say, the robotic pool cleaners save you more energy than any of its other available alternates.

Myth 3 – They’re Very Expensive

At this stage, you may already get the idea why automatic pool cleaners can act as an ultimate money saver. In fact, it can save more money in terms of electricity costs than you think. Being a house owner, you must have a clear idea about the strong connection between high power consumption by a device, to the steep electric bills we receive at the end of every month. Since robotic pool cleaners consume low amount of voltage, they save you lots of money at the same time.

There is no denying the fact that the product itself is quite expensive. However, you can find hundreds of product options that go well with different budgets. Plus, it’s a one-time purchase, particularly for commercial pool owners. The amount you spend on, say, a $600 worth of automatic pool cleaner is definitely going to be lesser than the amount you allocate to pay the wages or monthly salaries to your workers along with other allowances and insurances. And how many cleaners would you require to operate a full-size pool? Basic math would clearly describe how much amount you can actually save when you invest in an automatic pool cleaner.

Not to mention, when pool owners get exhausted of maintaining their pools, they’re left with no other option except for contacting the cleaning companies. Acquiring professional pool cleaning services can cost you around $150-$200 per session. Well, if you calculate a cleaning estimate for the whole year, it will go all its way to nearly around $1,500. Now that’s very costly if compared with the purchase of automatic cleaner.

Myth 4 – High Maintenance

Generally, people believe that they have to do some extra efforts with robotic pool cleaners in order to keep their product maintained and in working condition. But the fact is, once you purchase a robotic pool cleaner, you can sit back and relax without worrying about the product maintenance or other requirements.

As automatic pool cleaners come with an in-built filtration system which do not rely on the main filter plant, it seals the dirt and debris in self-contained bags. This system is incredibly useful for busy pool owners as it can save them from doing backwashing tasks which itself consume a lot of time. With robotic pool cleaners, all you have to do is to separate the filter, empty the bag and then fix it again to its place.

Myth 5 – It Wastes Water

All swimming pools acquire their own filtration plant which involves long pipes looped around the pool. The system also contains a filter and a pumping engine. The dirt particles absorbed through the tubes finally block into the filters where the process of backwashing is done. Automatic pool cleaner individually clears away the dirt from the pump and prohibits the main filter from getting choked up. As a result, less backwashing and rinsing is needed which leads to less water usage in the end.

Conclusion – Robots Are the Future

In today’s fast-moving world, the use of robotics and automation is prevalent in almost every industry; be it health, politics or home improvement. Your automatic pool cleaner is definitely a better approach than cleaning your pool with outdated tools and equipment.

These robotic machines automatically clean your swimming pool by using some state-of-the-art high-tech functions and features. Before investing in an automatic pool cleaner, be certain to consider your required pool size and budget. Also make sure to figure out what exactly you want from your robotic pool cleaner.

So, stay ahead of the current trend and buy an automatic pool cleaner to enjoy more time with your family and friends instead of maintaining or physically scrubbing the pool.

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