When I think about it, no one has been more of a hero to me than my truly amazing mother. Throughout each and every one of our lives, we will never find another individual who cares for, supports, and goes to bat for us day in and day out to the extent that our moms do. 

We have composed the following list of gift ideas to show the active mom in your life your love and appreciation for all that she does for you. 

1. Fitness Tracker/Watch

In the final analysis, my mom has been, and will always be my best friend. We talk about everything under the sun.  And, I can personally attest to this item, because it was the first option my mom listed when I asked her for ideas for this article. That is, after she sarcastically described the more grandiose gifts desired by someone who is about to retire, like a trip to Tahiti.

Let’s face it, our moms are these sorts of supernatural goddesses blessed with the ability to calculate and document everything going on in the lives of those around them. Somehow, they manage to have a detailed account of each event, accident, incident, or activity that is going on, not just in their own lives, but the lives of everyone else in the family. 

What better gift than a watch that allows them to keep track of time and how they are progressing in their own health and fitness? 

The Fitbit Charge 3 is great for doing exactly that. For a reasonably priced watch, it allows your mom to keep tabs on everything from the number of steps taken in a day, to the hours of sleep they are getting, their heart rate, and a plethora of other fitness related information.  Check out this review for amazing but affordable pedometers from Healthcare Weekly.  

2. Protein Coffee

There simply is no refuting the fact that the active mom in our lives needs a little extra boost sometime in the day. However, it can be excruciatingly difficult to find a healthy beverage that provides the protein and other nutrients that moms need, is low in calories, and tasteful all at the same time. Not to fear, the Protein Coffee offered by Maine Roast has you covered. 

Bypass the barista…this coffee delivers itself. At Maine Roast, their team is deeply committed to creating a unique coffee that addresses the increasingly hectic lifestyles that people live, while providing a healthy , delicious inexpensive snack. Not only that, but Maine Roast has created a coffee made from a more natural and sustainable source of energy. 

Available in Iced Coffee, Caramel Frappe, and Mocha Latte preparations, give your mom the energy boost she needs with this natural coffee supplement. With their new and improved products that are lower in calories, fat, and sugar, their Protein Coffee will definitely be appreciated.

I usually buy the Complete Nutrition coffee in bulk; the Iced Coffee version is definitely my favorite one.

3. Sky Organics Epsom Bath Salts

After a long and arduous day, there is no question that your mom needs some quality time to decompress, relax, and attend to her self-care needs. While a good quality bottle of wine might be the first thing that comes to mind, I can assure you that she will deeply appreciate one of the best brands of Epsom bath salts on the market: those offered by Sky Organics. 

Sky Organics provides a pharmaceutical grade product that is free of GMO’s and other toxic or unnatural ingredients.

The health benefits only scratch the surface level as to why this would be the perfect gift for mom. You can rest assured that with each bath, Sky Organics Epsom Bath Salts will assist in alleviating all the aches she has accumulated over time. These salts provide the added benefit of easing aching feet, eliminating skin toxins, and deep cleansing pores to make her skin glow. 

4. Kool8 Stainless Steel Thermos/Water Bottle

This next product is so obvious that it’s a bit of a no brainer. Whether for the gym, her desk at work, or to be conveniently placed in the center-counter of her car, the mom that is always on the go needs a water bottle for every occasion. At Kool8, their specialized artisans have created a thermos to meet this specific need that is unlike anything else the competition has ever seen. 

The Kool8 water bottle comes with a tea infuser, so it can serve as a multipurpose product. Having a thermos and a water bottle in the same product is extremely valuable.

The sleek, elegant and customizable design of the Kool8 water bottle will captivate your mom’s attention. Even more so, the social and environmental aspects behind its creation will leave her prizing it above any other generic bottle in her possession. 

If your mom is as socially and environmentally conscious as mine, she will be absolutely thrilled about the philanthropic goals behind every Kool8 thermos. More specifically, she will appreciate that over 20 percent of their earnings go towards hydrating and providing underdeveloped nations with purified water. 

Similarly, she will be left relishing Kool8’s stainless-steel double vacuum seal design. Not because it will be more durable than anything else in her collection, but in knowing that she is doing her part to reduce the mass production of plastic, an issue of major concern in our society. 

5. A gift that caters directly to her active nature

Regardless of what any website will tell you, no one knows your mom better than you do. Although she may have a busy life in common with the neighbor, or anyone else for that matter, like everyone else, she has her own individual wants and needs. So what better way to show the woman that breathed life into your lungs that you love her than a gift that speaks directly to who she is as a person?

For example, my mom spent over eleven years as a bodybuilder, waking up every morning at three a.m. to push her body to the limit. She stood out in my California community: the locals constantly asked her what her eating habits were, and what workout regime that she would recommend.

 If I were to get her a gift, it would probably be a premium membership to Anytime Fitness. Many times she wants to workout properly but at odd hours when her local gym is closed. Anytime Fitness locations are 24×7 and well equipped. 

Hopefully, these suggestions gave you some ideas on what your next gift should be for your hardworking and active mother. Take good care of her, mothers are precious! 

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