First. Let’s talk about what an Aerogarden is. An Aerogarden is an indoor garden that’s basically foolproof. Aerogardens are dirt-free and you can grow just about anything all year round. Most of them tell you exactly when to add water and nutrients also. Plus as stated in the Aerogarden review you don’t get any weeds and you don’t need any type of experience gardening whatsoever. They can even turn the lights on and off acting like the sun.

Using Your Aerogarden

You can start seeds indoors and then transfer them to your outdoor garden. You can harvest fresh herbs for cooking all throughout the year. An Aerogarden will bring color and light into any room. You can grow great tasting and fresh lettuce for sandwiches and salads. You can even grow flowers all years for nice decoration inside of your home. An Aerogarden will purify the air in your office or home too.  

When your plants outgrow your Aerogarden you can easily transfer them to your outdoor garden for an extra lush experience. Most plants can stay in the Aerogarden for months at a time, but when it comes to things such as tomatoes and peppers they should be transferred for long-term growth. A great thing to do is use the Aerogarden for seeds and after a few months, it’s time to move them outdoors.

The Selection Process

You don’t want to go too blindly into growing with your Aerogarden. You should handpick which plants you use. Some plants are much better with indoor gardens. For instance, several varieties of herbs and lettuce grow better inside. Thyme, basil, cilantro, endives, and arugula are best when grown indoors. Also, if you are not planning on transferring anything then you don’t want any plants that grow very large.

Planting in Tandem

It’s best to plant all of your seedlings at the same time. When you do this they tend to grow at the same height and then you can position your lights in a way that all of the plants receive the light equally. Subsequently, they grow healthier and fuller.

Use Fewer Seeds

With the Aerogarden you are able to use only one seed if you want. Growing too many of the same seeds in you Aerogarden it will lead to overcrowding and the plants will become nutrient deficient.  


Another thing you need to do is trim back your plants. Once your seedlings have reached a few inches in height then you should trim the unhealthy parts. This will allow the healthiest parts of the plant to flourish.

No Dome

Using plastic domes is not good for your Aerogarden. They cause mold. Domes are used to generate humidity to germinate your seeds. However, with the Aerogarden you are already getting enough humidity and thus for don’t need any domes.

If you want to add a fresh feeling to your home while maintaining your health, the Aerogarden would be great for you.