Everyone needs to kill some time now and again. This is especially true in the modern era, with the average American having more leisure time than ever before. But what to do with that time? 

Enjoy yourself, of course! If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time without breaking the bank, the internet can offer a number of amazing online games to entertain you. In fact, there are so many online gaming possibilities, it’s hard to know where to start. 

Read on, and we’ll walk you through the best online games you can play online and for free, right now. 

1. Dojo of Death

Who doesn’t like some good kung fu action? Dojo of Death is a super fun little game about a ninja who cuts his enemies into little pieces. The gameplay, and game itself, is simple. You use your mouse to click in the direction you want to slash and hopefully take care of any enemies coming your way. 

The gameplay is also essentially endless, making Dojo one of those games you keep replaying in an attempt to beat your previous high score. In fact, that need to keep playing can be quite addictive, so maybe don’t pull it up if you have some important tasks that need doing. 

2. Snow Line

Snow Line is a Christmas-themed game that is fun to play the whole year round. Feeling hot and sweaty in these summer months? Pull up this game in your browser for a refreshing blast of holiday cheer. 

Snow Line is more of a strategic game. You’ll have to use logic and skill to win. The challenge at hand? Draw a snow line on the screen that Santa’s sled can slide across. If you draw a slope, he’ll head down and pick up speed. 

You can do this for hours, creating different paths for Santa and attempting to get him around precarious obstacles. There’s nary a better way to spend time online. 

3. Bingo On The Web

You have, almost without a doubt, played bingo in your life before. It may have been years, or maybe a few days, since your last outing– but now you can play without even having to put your pants on or getting out of bed. 

Online bingo has been around for years now, but it is only recently experienced a massive surge in popularity. There are many, many different ways to play online. There are some rooms where you can play for fun, somewhere you can gamble, and others where you can enter to win cash prizes. 

No matter which way you decide to play, online bingo is sure to keep you entertained for hours at a time. 

The Best Online Games To Play Now

No one ever accused the Internet of being boring. If you’re looking for time to kill, the above are some of the best online games you can play right now, free of charge. 

Have another favorite we forgot to mention? Send us a message with your favorite online time killer.