Did you know that mid-range room additions can have a nearly 65% return-on-investment?

This is excellent news considering that the national average for a bathroom addition was about $40,000 in 2017.

A standard room addition can completely change the way you look at your house and there are numerous options at your disposal. You have the freedom to build a new room from scratch and use it for various purposes such as entertainment, living, accommodating guests, etc.

If you plan to add another room, but you feel that you lack inspiration, please stay on this page and keep reading! You’ll find out a few excellent room addition ideas that will spark your imagination.

1. Sunroom

A sunroom is a common home addition and it doesn’t cost that much money.

This is basically a space enclosed by durable glass panels. You can build your sunroom on the top floor and enjoy plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Sunrooms can be designed to be usable for 3 seasons a year (spring, summer, and autumn) or throughout the entire year.

A 3-season sunroom is more affordable because it doesn’t really need a heating system. You use this room when the outdoor temperatures are warm. During winter times, you simply leave the sunroom empty and save a lot on your heating bill.

However, if you want to use the sunroom during cold seasons, you can install insulated glass panels as well as a way to heat this room. There are multiple options available out there such as floor heating, radiator heating, etc.

2. Greenhouse

If you love gardening, this idea can definitely make your day!

Adding a greenhouse to your property offers you multiple benefits. It doesn’t only raise the value of your house, but it also gives you the opportunity to grow flowers, plants, and vegetables.

Taking care of plants provides a great pastime, particularly for people of elderly age. A greenhouse also allows you to grow special types of flowers and eventually selling them for a profit later on. There are numerous homeowners who have started a business selling various exotic plants grown in their own greenhouse.

Not a businessman? No problem, you can grow vegetables instead. Wouldn’t you love to eat tomatoes and cucumbers grown safely and naturally in your own greenhouse? Of course, you would.

The key to adding a greenhouse to your property is to discuss it with an expert in home remodeling. This reliable service provider can give you plenty of insights on how much your greenhouse will cost and how it can be maintained over the years.

3. Bathroom

In most households, an additional bathroom is almost always necessary, especially if you have a large family.

Building an additional bathroom is not that expensive and you can equip it in any way you want. For example, you can add a really nice overhead shower with LED lights, a large bathtub which massages you or even a Jacuzzi.

Who would stop you from adding a TV set in your brand new bathroom and enjoy your favorite sports channels while soaking in hot water? Although you’ll need to hustle a bit to find good plumbers to install pipes under the floor of your new bathroom, the effort is definitely worth it.

When adding bathrooms, you have two options at your disposal – you can either build up or build out.

Building up means installing a new room on the second floor. This doesn’t expand the footprint of your house, a great thing if your property space is relatively small. You can also build out if you want which means adding the bathroom at ground level. This option is usually the least expensive.

4. Entertainment Room

Especially if you have friends over on a regular basis, an entertainment room might be suitable for you.

This involves creating a brand new space for games, jokes and good friends to hang out with. Your addition can be customized in any way you want. For example, you can add an entertainment center with a large TV set and a gaming console for you to play with.

You can also add a billiard table or a ping-pong table to your brand new entertainment room. Want something classier? How about a poker table for you and your gambling friends?

An entertainment room can also contain various furniture items such as a small fridge you can fill with drinks and snacks. You can also add a mini-bar here or even a small fireplace to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s true that all these ideas might cost some money, but again, remember that any room addition raises the value of your house, so your investment is protected.

5. Guest Room In Your Garage

If you’re one of those homeowners who doesn’t really use his garage a lot, you can expand and transform it into a master guest suite.

This process doesn’t cost a lot of money and allows you to accommodate more guests when you have friends over. The electrical system is already in place, all you have to do is to add insulation, replace the garage door with a normal one and consider some sort of heating system.

When it comes to furniture options, you can add a large bed in here as well as a TV set, a coffee table, and a wardrobe. Some homeowners decide to add an additional wall or go for insulated glass panels to let their guests enjoy more sunlight. In either case, this fantastic room addition will definitely wow your friends and make them want to stay at your place for longer.

What Would Your Next Room Addition Look Like?

These room addition ideas are fun to put into practice next time when you decide to renovate your house. It’s up to you to pick the best room addition and set the budget for it after you have carefully considered your option and discussed it at length with your spouse.

For more interesting ideas like this one, check out our lifestyle articles and learn more about how to improve the quality of your life without breaking the bank!

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