Got legal trouble coming up? Don’t worry, help could be much faster than you think. In this article, we’re going to look at five different common legal issues along with how long they take to get resolved. While some of these will have more specific times than others, often it’ll depend on exactly how serious your legal dispute or issue is. A lot of it will also come down to the quality of the lawyer of legal team you’ve hired.

Remember, there’s a big difference between a good lawyer and a great one. While this isn’t always the case, you often get what you pay for. So take your time when choosing a lawyer and make sure you get one with tons of experience in your field and the right expertise. Some people prefer big law firms which have a range of different legal help and can deal with multiple issues, while other prefer the personal touch of a solo practicioner. Make sure you ask around for recommendations if you know someone who’s had a particular legal issue and only choose a lawyer you’re happy with.

1. Buying a house

When you buy a house, you’ll need a lawyer to help you. This lawyer (or team of lawyers) will check the deeds and property records to make sure there aren’t any issues. You don’t want to buy a home that is already owned by someone else or has other issues to do with the way it was built or funded. A full legal check of the property should be required. Thankfully, this sort of legal work is relatively quick. You should be able to get these checks done within a few weeks. A property lawyer will be able to check foreclosure cases and other issues which might affect a sale.

2. Getting a divorce

Divorces can be complicated, and often acrimonious. That’s why you’ll often need a lawyer. You might think you deserve more in a settlement, and the right lawyer will help get you what you deserve. Specialist divorce lawyers can be expensive, but they might be worth it. Depending on how much money is being argued over, some lawyers might be willing to take a cut of the settlement rather than an up front or hourly rate.

Getting a divorce can sometimes take a while. This will often depend on how much arguing there is and how much money is being discussed. While some divorces can be quicker, expect this process to take about a year. Some cases can take longer.

3. Settling Custody

After a divorce, you might need to arrange custody of your children. This can sometimes be done by the same lawyer, or you might decide to use a specialist custody lawyer. This process isn’t always as long as the divorce proceedings, but it can still take a few months.

4. Filing for bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be a tough decision, but it might be a necessary one. The good news is that it’s relatively quick and easy to do, and a good lawyer should be able to get you sorted within a few days or weeks.

5. Suing someone

The length of time it takes to sue someone will depend a lot on the details of the case and a number of other factors. It could be settled in weeks, or it could take years of litigation.