Planning on building a new home or remodeling the current one? There are many types of windows on the market. If it’s your first time shopping for different types of windows for homes, then the choices can be overwhelming.   

As you already know, windows play a huge role in your home. Not only do they allow natural light into your home but they also reduce energy costs. Also, they improve ventilation and your curb appeal.   

Since they are special, it is important to take time and learn about the different types of windows.   

In this post, we highlight 5 beautiful types of windows that will catapult your home’s curb appeal

1. Picture Window

This refers to a large fixed window that showcases an attractive view of the surroundings. Designed for different rooms, a picture window cannot be opened. They are perfect for homes with high ceilings.   

During the day, a picture window allows natural light to stream in. At night, it provides a delightful view of the city, the stars, and moon. They are also the most energy efficient.   

When combined with other windows, they create a unique look.  

If you are planning on selling your home, having a picture window increases the value of your home. This translates to more money when you sell. 

2. Slider Windows

Planning on building or renovating a modern or contemporary style home? Then slider windows can be a great addition to your home. Designed for openings that are wider, slider windows glide on a track.  

Most designs have at least one window that opens horizontally. This allows you to control the amount of light or air flowing into your home. Also, slider windows are easier to maintain. 

3. Casement Windows

As one of the most popular types of windows, casement windows operate through a crank. This system allows homeowners to open the window on a hinge. They open outwards giving you the option to choose how far you want to crank the window.  

Looking for an energy efficient window that will lower your energy costs? Then, one of the best choices for you is the casement windows.

Window Agency points out that casement windows seal tight when shut.

4. Arched Windows

As a common feature in Roman architecture, modern arched windows have a timeless appeal. There are three types of arched windows:  

  • Fixed arched windows  
  • Multi-window arches  
  • Opening arched windows   

Once installed in your home, they help to create a unique look and open up your living space. Also, they help to add architectural interest to your home.   

This improves your curb appeal. What you need to keep in mind is that arched windows cost more than other types of home windows. 

5. Skylight Window

Want to bring natural light into your home but have no space on your exterior walls? Then consider skylight windows. Designed to bring natural light through the roof of your home, they also let heat out in summer.   

There are different types of skylight windows:  

  • Manual venting skylights  
  • Electric venting skylight  
  • Manual venting skylight  
  • Fixed skylight   

Did you know that skylight windows can act as emergency exits? In case of a fire, it can be an escape route for the family.   

Types of Windows for Your Home

As you have learned, there are many types of windows. To choose the best windows for your home, take your time and research. Look at the pros and cons plus the cost.  

This will help you make a smart decision. 

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