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5 Essential Safety Skills Every Worker Needs

How many days has your workplace gone without a safety incident or injury? If you can count the days off the top of your head, then you may need to reevaluate your workplace safety standards.

Safety in the workplace begins before you even hire your first employee. During the hiring process, you’ll want to look out for specific traits that suggest the person is a good fit.

Read on to discover the top five safety skills every employee should have.

1. An Ability to Listen

Do you have a few employees that struggle with listening and following directions? If so, then you need to recognize them for what they are: a safety hazard.

Employees that don’t listen are likely to disregard any safety instructions they’re given. Plus, they’re more inclined to do things their way rather than following protocol. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

Instead, consider testing an applicant’s ability to listen during the interview process.

2. Communication Skills

Another underrated safety skill is communication. Employees who are good communicators are more likely to create a safe workplace. Here’s why communication is key:

  • It’s necessary to speak up if an employee doesn’t understand a rule
  • Employees need to be able to report new hazards
  • Employees need to communicate risks to co-workers
  • Feedback on safety rules can lead to better safety standards

You can get a clear idea of the applicant’s communication style during an interview.

3. Safety Skills and Spatial Awareness 

Another crucial skill is spacial awareness. Without it, employees will get hurt. They could also put other employees at risk, too.

Injuries and accidents are inevitable when employees don’t pay attention to their surroundings.

4. Focus

Have you ever tried to interview someone who couldn’t even focus on the question you asked?

Like spatial awareness, concentration is crucial for workplace safety. Distracted employees become careless employees. Not only will your profits suffer, but you’ll also notice an uptick in accidents.

5. Accountability 

A good employee is accountable for their own actions.

Someone who is consistent in skirting responsibility is unlikely to learn safety skills. OSHA training requirements often include annual certifications. You need to hire someone who is willing to accept this responsibility.

It’s difficult to identify an applicant’s level of responsibility and accountability. To do this, ask the applicant about a time they failed at work. Then, ask them how they corrected the situation.

Keeping Your Workplace Safe for Everyone

These five safety skills are traits that you should look for in every employee you hire. As an employer, remember that your business is liable for employee injuries. Worker’s compensation insurance is crucial, but it isn’t enough.

You need to take measures to ensure your workers are safe and your rules are compliant with the law.

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