Air conditioning is a systematic way of regulating heat and moisture in an enclosed space in order to improve the comfort of the occupants of the contained area. An air conditioner can be used both domestically at homes and commercially at workplaces.

Like other newly advanced technological devices, air conditioners have equally contributed to dictating where we stay and work. Did you know that more than 87% of the US population have equipped their home with air conditioners? When buying a new air conditioner make sure you are prepared.

Here are five essential tips for choosing a new air conditioner to help you out.

1. Efficiency

This refers to what extent the cooling unit can deliver for each electricity watt expressed as seasonal energy efficiency rating or SEER. The minimum SEER allowed in air conditioners today is fourteen, therefore, look for an air conditioner that has a SEER rating that’s greater than 14.

The higher the SEER rating the lower the energy cost and the faster the cooling effect. It’s advisable to replace your old AC with a new one if it has a poor performance rate. If you need any help regarding AC services, read our article on how you can replace your AC and save money.

2. Size

Size is measured in British thermal units per hour or tons. A single cooling ton is equivalent to 12,000 British thermal units. Most people tend to think that the bigger the AC size is the better the cooling effect but it’s not that simple.

A bigger air conditioner won’t run for long to reduce the humidity in your place, as a result, it’ll raise more financial bills for you. Ensure the size of your AC isn’t only based on your home footage size but the general cooling load.

3. Cost

Consider the efficiency of the system and how much it will save you on your monthly budget and then choose a suitable AC that meets your demands. This is one of the smarter tips for choosing a new air conditioner, therefore, take your time and determine the perfect system for you.

Can you meet the maintenance costs of this new AC? Before purchasing an air conditioning system be sure you can meet it’s maintenance standards. Don’t be swayed or tempted by the cost.

4. Upgrading the Existing System

Don’t assume that when you’re replacing your old system you should get the same as the old one. Times and conditionings change and as a result, consider the energy efficiency improvements made in your home and then determine the best AC for you

5. Ensure You Work with the Right Company

Be mindful of the overall cost of maintenance and installation before purchasing any air conditioner. Don’t focus on cost only because what you can’t afford to have is a company that charges a lot and delivers nothing in return. You need a better company that keep your system running for years.

Why You Need Tips for Choosing a New Air Conditioner

AC systems are very helpful in unpredicted weather conditions of the world. They can also save a lot of things in your work or home from getting spoilt. They will save you from spending on things you didn’t have to pay for.

Be sure to contact us if you require tips for choosing a new air conditioner to help you in the general installation and maintenance of your AC.

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