There is nothing good about divorce. It involves pain and discomfort, even if the reasons for it are justified. And, when the case takes longer than expected, the pain only increases. If you are in divorce proceedings, but the process has stalled, there could be factors having a negative impact on the case. 

1. Skipping mediation

Some divorce cases can be sped up when both parties are willing to work with a mediator. In a divorce case, mediation can save time. The couple still works with an attorney like Divorce Lawyer Cumming, but the attorney helps them quickly reach an agreement. With a mediator, the couple stays in control of their decisions rather than leaving them up to a judge in a typical court trial. They can also save a significant amount of money if the case never needs to go in front of a judge. 

2. Fudging budget figures

Another tactic that might seem to work, but in reality only creates problems is when one party or both try to fudge budget numbers. Some parties try to hide assets so they can have reduced child support or alimony payments. Others might simply underestimate what they think they need to live and then need to make adjustments. Whatever the reason or the mistake, budget numbers need to be accurate to keep the case moving along. 

3. Over-relying on your attorney

Some parties spend way too much time with their attorneys and this causes fees to skyrocket. Attorneys are not therapists or shoulders to cry on. Others expect their attorneys to become bullies for them. If you overuse or misuse your attorney, your case could get bogged down as your attorney becomes overwhelmed with all the roles you expect her to play. Instead, you should only use your attorney for legal issues so your attorney doesn’t get overwhelmed. 

4. Remaining attached to assets

Getting divorced is problematic for couples because assets need to be divided or sold. When couples are attached to certain assets, cases are slowed as the parties need time to figure out how assets are split. Some assets are tough to split because there might be only one of them – like a house or a special photograph or a piece of art. Even issues with pets can have a negative impact on a divorce case

The best way to keep the case moving along is to remove attachments to everything. The case moves faster when both parties can come to reasonable agreements, especially on big-ticket items. It is important to do what is least disruptive for children if there are any involved. But, adults should be adults who can take care of business.

5. Disagreeing on child issues

Divorces automatically slow when there are children involved, but some issues can slow the proceedings even more. When the parties disagree on child support and custody, negativity arises. Some parties will try to hide their financials so they do not have to pay large amounts of child support. These things will slow the case and cause negativity between parties. Disagreeing on child issues is emotionally taxing on the children who get stuck in the middle.

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