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5 health benefits of being in relationships

One common aspect of having met someone via this website and ‘going steady’ is feeling relaxed about your situation. Having a new partner whom you care about deeply means you have another person whose company you look forward to enjoying every time you return home, and to confide in. But one aspect of ‘being an item’ you may not have considered before it this. Being in a relationship is actually very good for your health. Here are five of the most beneficial features.

Your mental health with be improved

One of the clearest health benefits of being in a relationship is the positive effect it will have on your psychiatric well-being. While physical illnesses are only too apparent and detectable when symptoms present, this is not the case with mental health conditions. Despite tremendous advancements in the way mental ill-health is discussed, there remains a stigma attached to anyone who is going through problems with depression, bipolar disorder, or many other related issues. In fact, any form of stress will have a considerable impact on mental health.

When you are in a relationship, you are far less likely to be tense. If you do have issues which are troubling, they can be shared with your partner. A common symptom of mental illness in the past has simply been to attempt to disguise the extent. When you live with somebody they are far more likely to badger you into seeking medical advice.

You will be less likely to develop colds

It has been proven people who live together will develop more of immunity to the types of germs which will result in typical winter infections, such as colds or flu-like outbreaks. Individuals who live on their own will be more susceptible to picking up these infections when they go out in public and are exposed to others exhibiting evidence of contamination. Again, living with a partner is also beneficial in that you will have a willing volunteer to help administer hot liquids or soothing medication, helping you to get over unfortunate illnesses more quickly.

Your cardiovascular health will be boosted

Individuals who are in a partnership will enjoy better cardiovascular wellbeing than singles. There are many complex reasons for this, but much of it boils down to the fact couples tend to be more relaxed. Anxiety is a major contributing factor to high blood pressure. If you are in a relationship, you are more likely to be planning activities such as date nights or weekend breaks which will promote a sense of positivity. The simple fact is, if you are feeling better on the inside, this will help to boost your actual physical health.

You are less likely to have issues with addiction

Many people who succumb to the temptations of too much alcohol or recreational drugs do so because they spend long periods of time on their own. When you are an item, you have someone you can rely on to talk you out of situations where you might be tempted to overdo it.

You benefit from having a ‘gym buddy’

If you are in a relationship you can give each other encouragement in terms of spending time exercising. Many couples are inspired to take out joint gym memberships. Whenever there is a temptation to let your commitment lapse, as might have happened if you were still single, your partner will coax you into returning to your sessions at the leisure center. Rather than relying on the convenience food or microwave dishes more associated with the singleton lifestyle, part of the experience of being together is preparing and enjoying healthy meals.

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