You may have heard it many times that red wine is good for health. You tend to hear about the medicinal benefits of grape and the nutrients a fine glass of red wine can offer you. But, what about the lighter cousin of red? The white wine!

For all these years, scientists had documented the benefits of red wine. It is found to be low in cholesterol, the antioxidants in wine to protect heart, balance blood sugar, boosting brain function, etc. However, what people usually don’t know is that white wine also has the same benefits. In fact, in terms of antioxidants, white wines have it more than red wines.

In this article, let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of white wine.

1. Helping in weight loss

Nowadays, the major interest of men and women is to trim down their body and stay in shape. As we had seen above, white wine has a higher content of antioxidants which have a magical impact on weight loss. The antioxidants like quercetin, epicatechin, and resveratrol, etc. can significantly help expedite weight loss. If you consume a glass or two of wine a day, it can have a positive impact. However, remember overconsumption of wine can have the opposite impact as it can add up calories quickly.

2. Prevention of diseases

Some researches have also revealed the fact that white wine can also help protect us against some major diseases like cancer. White wine contains many flavonoids which have significant antioxidant properties. So, similar to red wine, white wine can also fight cancer. Along with it, it is also noted in studies that white wine helps to protect cells against breast cancer. White wine is also found to have an impact on preventing Alzheimer’s disease too.

3. Heart health

Now, this is another fine reason for the fans of white wine to rejoice. A recent study had shown that white wine is good for heart health too. It is found that grape skin has high nutrients and antioxidants; it is also true that the grape pulp also has positive health implications. As Sokolin suggests, two fine glasses of white wine may help reduce heart diseases risk by about 25%.

4. Healthy lungs

White wine drinkers also found to breathe easily if they are suffering from any lung-related conditions. A study held by the University of Buffalo had shown that white wine consumption correlates positively with lung function. White wine supplies many nutrients to improve the health of the lung tissues and help it to work well. It is known that consuming red wine is good for the lungs; now white wine also has proven its positive impact on lung health. Researchers found out that while wine also contains many antioxidants which restrict the development of free radicals which cause lung decay.

5. Reduce any hangover

A hangover is a pretty interesting phenomenon for the drinkers. So, why do you experience hangovers? It is primarily because the alcoholic has an element called congeners. This is a chemical byproduct of alcohol, which is actually for the aroma, taste, and color of alcoholic beverages. White wine has only a very minimal level of congeners when compared to red wine. So, drinking white wine causes only very minimal hangover if not on the next day morning. Or consider feeling better faster by giving your body the vitamins it needs to recover.

Now, as you know the major health benefits of white wine, you can be well in agreement to stock it up. However, remember all these benefits are applicable to moderate drinkers and not those who tend to overdo it.

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