If your baby is about to join the 1.2 billion Christians in the world that have been baptized, there’s a lot to celebrate. Your baby deserves all the best in the eyes of the Lord, and he or she also deserves the chance to be the life of the party at their baptism.

Here, we’re going to give you some baby baptism ideas that are sure to be fun for the whole family. Read on to learn the best ways to have a fun and awesome baptism!

1. Pick the Perfect Venue

One of the best things about a baby baptism is that there are a wide variety of venues to choose from. While it can be tempting to simply have it inside your church, you can take the party elsewhere. If you want the baptism itself to take place in a church, we don’t blame you. Afterward, though, take your loved ones to a beautiful park and celebrate there if it’s warm out. If it’s a colder month or the rain hits, the party can be brought to a fancy banquet hall or the home of a family member.

2. Plan an Awesome Menu

No matter where you choose to have your baby baptism party, make sure that the food you serve is up to par. You want people to remember your baby’s baptism as a day that they can cherish forever. Ensure that you have options for vegetarians and vegans if you plan to invite any. Also, make sure that you account for any and all food allergies and dietary restrictions that guests may have. Remember to base the menu on who you’re inviting- this makes for happy guests.

3. Decorate With Bible Verses

Whether on your free baptism invitations or on your tablecloths and other decor, favorite bible verses are the perfect adornment. Baptism is about honoring your baby in the eyes of God, after all, and there’s no better way to honor Him than to quote the Bible in all situations. When you do this, your guests will feel comforted under the watchful eye of the Lord and your baby will be protected by Him as much as possible.

4. Honor the Godparents

Godparents are incredibly important to a baptism. They’re also incredibly important to the life of your little one if- heaven forbid- anything were to happen to you. These people are taking on an incredible responsibility to your family and to God, so make sure that you give them at least a round of applause and a standing ovation.

5. Take Lots of Pictures

Your baby baptism is an event that you’ll want to remember forever. It’s also an event that your baby is likely going to want to hear about when he or she grows up. For this reason, it’s important to take many pictures. Some can be staged, but make sure to have more than a few candid shots of loved ones having a good time as well.

More Baby Baptism Ideas

Planning a baptism can be a challenge, but it’s also a fun and exciting way to get together with family and honor your new bundle of joy.

Now that you know some baby baptism tips that will get the ball rolling, check out the ‘lifestyle’ tab on our page for more ways you can live your best life.

Have fun!

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